Let’s not take them for Granted.

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I was at loss what to write here when I read this message by someone – “Just finished Mitch Albom’s “For one More Day”. It’s catheretic. It’s for all those children out there who take their parents or granted, only to realise years later they are your anchors even after they are gone,and will always love you, no matter what….”

The funny thing about us human’s is, at times we never appreciate something until we lose it. And to make things worse, we often take for granted the people closest to us, the people we meet everyday. Not just people, we also take for granted the things we have with us, the privileges that we enjoy, the surroundings and the atmosphere we live in, we seldom appreciate them until we lose it or are threatened to lose it.

Coming to people – who are the people most often taken for granted? I’d say none other than the two people who love us most – our PARENTS! They are the ones who care so much about us they’ve sacrificed so much for us and in so many cases, still are sacrificing everyday; they will do everything and anything just to provide a better environment for us to grow up in.

I am sure you’ll probably nod your head in agreement with me – most of us, or should I say all of us have taken advantage of our parents, taken them for granted sometime or the other because we know that they will always forgive us. Like God, their love for us also has no limits. They love us a lot and unconditionally.

Our parents, like humans, are no perfect beings but every time they do or say something that may have been a little offensive to us, let’s take a moment to pause and to reminisce the past. They were the ones who had sleepless nights when we had a cold, they were the ones who supported and encouraged us when we were doubtful of certain things, they were the ones who motivated us when we felt like giving up, they were the ones that hugged and comforted us when we came home crying. They were the ones, friends!

It is easier said than done I know, but the next time we get mad, let us not raise our voices, slammed the door or stomp right out of the house and speed off in our cars. Let us instead look at them in their eyes and feel the love they have for us. They should never be taken for granted, their efforts should be appreciated and they should be felt loved and wanted.

Today, I thank my parents for being my two pillars of strength during their life time!!! I truly believe that I’ve been abundantly blessed by God through my parents. I couldn’t have asked for more. Many of you may be saying to yourself, “Bhaskar, you just do not know me; you do not know my situation. Yes, you may have been more fortunate” but wait, let me tell you (I know I’ve no rights to) – all it takes is a little change in our attitude and in our mindsets. Really!!! Give it a try before denying the opportunity. After all, they were the ones who raised us to be what we are today!





7 thoughts on “Let’s not take them for Granted.

  1. That was a wonderful write up. Your right we often realise things and the importance of people very late in our lives.

    Parents, they deserve our unconditional support. Better to realise this soon than regret later!


  2. I couldn’t agree more… its a beautiful piece… if only we are sensible enough to acknowledge things at the right time… sometimes its way to late to even try it. First time actually felt for himmy bhaiyya… when he broke down saying he can’t think of a life without his dad in it…. it struck me… its almost always the same for us all…..


  3. such a beautiful lovely write up.
    may everyone get the inspiration to treat their parents better, after reading this.


  4. just dont know what to say bhaskar

    it is so true at any stage
    as a parent and having parents too

    i m at loss of words actually


  5. As you said Bhai… some people do tell you dont know what is my situation etc etc..
    But when it comes to parents i simply cant take anything wrong againts them.. even if any of my Friend tells that we going through this through that… i just cant take it.. Parents are really precious.. No Comparison AT ALL


  6. True very true Bhaskar. Parents r precious they know what is best for their child . There is noone in this world like them .


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