150 Not Out – Some “Heart to Heart” chat

My life time Treasure!!!

So finally I have reached the 150 mark here. When I had started blogging, I never imagined I’ll get to write so much. Let alone 150, I never imagine I would get over with even 10 posts. Last few days I have been wondering what to put here marking this 150 post. Nothing was coming. Then today morning while taking my walk, I got reminded of few not-so-good-thought incidents, like Chile Earthquake and few others. The thoughts disturbed me a lot.

I realized how true the saying is – Tomorrow Never Comes!!! Say by any chance I had been to any of those places, I could have also met the same fate as so many others and I would be gone with so many things left unsaid. I realize the real meaning of those mail forwards telling – Do it now, Say it now. I stop myself from telling many how treasured they are for me. I could not even tell few people how much I loved them before they left me forever!!!

I keep telling myself, maybe tomorrow, just a matter of one day, they’ll understand, but so many times that DAY never came. Why can’t we say it when we feel like saying??? Why take this path of I-will-tell-Him/er-Later?? Time never waits for us!!! So I decided to mark this 150th post of mine here to speak my heart out to few who really matter me a lot. No, I won’t thank you all, because those two words are too small to convey my feeling for you. And yes, the post might be too long.

As always, first person I need to speak to, is Minniedi. No matter whatever, I love you for everything, yes I love you LOADS even for the issues we argue upon. =)) And for your being there for me in every step. I even secretly feel guilty at times for being too unreasonable with you Didi, and for irritating you, pestering you, when you are so patient with me. And deep down I really know that no one can accept me for what I am more than anyone else, than you. Many know and would agree with me completely that today when I see my present state, there’s no denial that what I am and if I am alive today, it’s because of you. I just wanted to let you know, that you supported me when I was about to fall. When I had none beside me. It is because of you, I’ve recovered completely, it is because of your support, that today I walk tall.

My guide, mentor Prof Chakrabarti and Barnalidi – I may be anywhere, we may not even interact or I may even get lost tomorrow in this wild world, but my love and respect for you all would never go. There was a time in my life when everything turned dark and it was you both who lent me the eyes to see the world better, and made sure to pull me out from that darkness.

Prateek my childhood friend, yaar what do I say!! Starting from school, to college, then higher studies and finally job, we both are together through-out. I still recall those days when we both would share our Tiffin’s and now we share our IT calculation sheets. Hahaha!! You are a gem of a friend, a friend who has been with me, besides me at every step. I love you loads yaar and whenever I sit and think back, I find not a single incident in my whole life when you were not with me!!!

Adi, well well!!! =)) What do we not share!!! Best about us is the frequency level we share. And the way we find humour even in serious issues. Hahaha. I know one thing; if I am down I can sit with you and end getting a double pack bonanza. I get the solution to the problem besides getting a laughter round. You mean a lot to me, and yes I know I don’t say it to you. So today, I am taking this platform to speak out. The way you have put forth your trust in me, it means a lot Adi.

Arpan, another friend who mean the world to me!!! Every other trouble and you are there standing by me. Every minute that I get to spend with you makes my day. It feels wonderful working with you. And best thing I like about you is your informal attitude, something we need in friendship. You don’t wait but just barge in and speak out what you feel is right for me. The care you show, I really feel touched.

Subrat – You are an unique masterpiece in my life. =))=)) Do you ever take things seriously!!! Well, I never saw such a “Celestial Happening” occurring ever. Hahahaha!!! You are always the life line for any friend. I doubt if anyone an ever stay sad in your company. You know how to crack up anyone, anytime!!! I really miss you a lot. Yaar transfer le le ab. 😉

Anu – You are one person who has been with me last few years but made a lot of impact. You are among those few who made sure to believe in me despite all odds. And that’s a huge compliment for me!!! I know you are going through a tough phase in life, but have faith in yourself, it will pass over. And remember I am always there to help out in any way I can.

Bhaijaan – Ok ok, I know you may again comment that I should not get into emotional atyachar and make you cry =)) but, well, I don’t have enough words for even you. Even though we both hardly get to interact, you somehow get to know easily when I am troubled. That too when I may not have said or showed anything!!! How you do it, I have no idea. But yes I know one thing, if I reach out to you for any help; I’ll surely find you there to lend the same. And that is what makes you so very special.

Amby – My baby sister!!! Well Amby don’t even expect me not to call you a baby. Because for me that’s what you’ll always be. You know, you are very naughty and whenever you catch hold of me, you make sure to pull my leg. We both are then “Tom and Jerry” right!!! But these naughty fights you do with me, they all are memories which I’ll treasure my whole life. And yes, how so ever you may grow up, yes you will grow up na as you are still a baby, do remain the same!!!!

Shiza – Did I ever tell you how cute and sweet you are!!! You are another naughty one and I just love the pranks you play upon me. But you also know what to say just to pull me up whenever you find I am down. So many things we both have shared, I won’t be able to even write them out. The best part of you is your innocence. Isko bajaye rakhna hamesha!!!!

Butter (Shazzu) – The first thing I ALWAYS gets reminded when I think of you is the way you made a fool of me during New Year. =)) I am still trying to find an opportunity to get back to you and I will do so just wait and see. You said your life is full of too many sweet people, but you know what?? You are the sweetest of all!!!! Always there for your friends, always making them laugh and pepping them up with your talks!! You have no idea how much positivity you bring into your friend’s life by just being there.

There are few friends who are too special to me. Anitha being one!!! I know I started with a very wrong notion about you and truly I was too scared of you. =)) But now that I know you, I have realized what an awesome person you are. We hardly get to interact that much, but whatever we do, I have realized you are one very balanced, caring, and down to earth person. Anyone would take you as a role model anytime!!!!

Nidhi and Preeti – With you two well, I go back long right!!! Both of you are naughty to the core. =)) But no one can deny, you both are too too caring. I personally have shared so many treasurable moments with you two. Sending jokes whenever I am down just to make me laugh, buzzing me on messengers just to ask about my well being when I am away for long, keeping your trust in me even when many tried their best to break, they are just few which make me feel so loved!!! I can just say, do be there with me always.

Meena – See I removed the “Ji” =)) Do I add “Di” 😛 I fall short of words for even you. Infact you are one person who has like become a part of my daily life. God knows what all we both end discussing hahahaha. But its real fun. I really appreciate the trust you have on me and believe me with closed eyes. Well the feeling is also mutual!!!! 🙂

Saara – You call me Daddy Hahahaha!! And I call you “Nalayak Beta” in turn. But when it comes to real life, you are no way nalayak. I have seen how hardworking and serious you are when it comes to your studies. You are one funny person I have come across, bringing a 100 watt smile on anyone’s face with your talks and antics. I don’t get to interact much with you but Saara truthfully speaking, I do miss them. Making plans together to pull someone’s leg, and then you turning the tables on me to join hands with others!!! Be the same always Saara “Nalayak” =))

Anku – I can’t end this post without you there Anku. We share so many things in common. I have so many memories of the moments spent with you. I always found you to be very sweet but also matured. I always find you be very balanced when it comes to your studies and fun. Our subjects are the same and as I have told you always, anytime you feel like getting help, just let me know.

Last but not the least Nish!!! You call me “Strict Brother” =)) I know I am like that. But sach batana, am I like that always. 😉 Yes I do want you to do really well in your career and want that you have an individuality of your own. I want you to be standing independently. If I get strict, it not just to put you down. Yaar you end up doing things which frustrate me and then I feel like blasting you. =)) But believe me Nish whatever I say or do, I have just your wellbeing in my mind. Love you LOADS!!!

Sonu – I call you “Jhansi Ki rani”. =)) And why??? Simple yaar, you bully me like anything. But I can always see the care that is there behind your bully. Bas yaar woh ek topic ko discussion se bahar rakha karo na. Hahahaha. And let me tell you, I’ll become a good cook “Someday”. No time limit ok. 😉

There are actually SO MANY people I want to say SO MUCH!!!! I don’t think I can write them all here today. 😦 I would like to tell all my friends that each one of you contribute a lot to my life and I really miss you all when you are absent. I remember you all when I am happy, am sad, am feeling funny, am feeling naughty, or maybe even when I am silent. I would like to tell you all, how so ever cold, inconsiderate or maybe even rude I may appear at times, I cherish each one of you and feel incomplete without you all.

Maybe “Tomorrow” I’ll try to write my heart out for even those missing names here – And if there is no tomorrow, I am sure you all know how much I love you all. And you’d know that I loved all you “Special People” out there too, although I dont get to say that too often. 🙂





32 thoughts on “150 Not Out – Some “Heart to Heart” chat

  1. Bhai,

    We talk so much yet, at times you do manage to leave me speechless………….

    Before I forget to even wish you… let me first do the needful…. heartiest congratulations for the 150 mark !!!!!!!

    I have read them all and all i can say is – each one has been a masterpiece. May you continue posting here and may we all continue this journey for a long long time .And oh yes…. Long live humor !!! hehehe


    • Yes humour will always stay alive when we both are together. And you know what. Humour and Adi, these two thoughts always bring back memories of that one incident. Those marriage pictures of someone “Ishspecial” 😉 =))=))=)) I don’t think we both have laughed so much in our life as we did that day. Even now I go into fit of laughter when I think of that day!!!!!!


  2. Pehli baat
    Thank You for including me and Nidhi in that List as we feel overwhelmed and Special. And Second Thanks for being with Us all this while.

    The times we’ve spent with you in the Chat Session or at FB or elsewhere was the most beautiful phase of my life. We loved irritating you and waise bhi “Bhaskar Bhai ko tang karna mera aur Nidhi ka Janam Sidd Adhikar Hai”. No matter what Bhai we would always be there for you …. good or bad you’ll always find us around you. As for the Jokes and the Mail Session ….. be prepared i shall soon start that back……

    Ohhhh and before i forget …Congratulations for Completion of 150 …. I feel this is one place where i get to see all my other Dii’s and Bhai’s….Lol

    So me love to be here …..

    All the Beast & God Bless

    @Adi Bhaiyya
    Namstey to you jee:P


    • Yes I know now that you people have taken this as your janam sidh adhikar. =)) Problem with you both is, you both act so innocent that I am unable to even take my badlas. Woh kuch ho jaata hai and I feel “Nahi they are so cute and sweet and innocent”. But then baad mein lagta hai, what foolishness I have done. =)) They are no way innocent and I should have taken care of them. Hahahaha.


      • I feel “Nahi they are so cute and sweet and innocent”. – bolded …..
        There you go …. Finally apka confession that we are sweet, cute and innocent…. Arre humaare jaise innocent bachche aapko tube light leke dundne par bhi nahi milenge …. You can ask Barnali Dii if u wish ….

        By God aapki yeh baat sunke am already in cloud 9 …… *dancing*


        • *Blushing* yaha pe kisi ki taarif hoing n baatein hoing 😀

          Bhaii congo 😀 wheres party??….


            • Me sahi samjhaing BB …. aap humari(Me and Nids Ki) tareef karing …. and hum khushi se nachin , jhooming and mauja hi mauja karing ……


  3. Lovely Post Bhaskar ji 🙂
    Its nice to know about the lovely people in your life 🙂
    I wish I had an elderly sister like Minnie Di . Elder Sisters are elder sisters.


    • Thanks. Elder sisters are more like mothers, they will scold you but care for you like anything!!!


  4. wow how do u manage to turn this chatterbox into silentbox eh.

    first again congo for post number 150

    well done and u know like u say feeling is mutual
    yes it is i respect u. like u and fear u also many times,
    mayb at times if i mayb crossing my limits
    but with u as my friend i hv only gained and gained

    and yes ji is gone and no need for di

    as long as we r having respect for each other thats good enough

    and u know me
    mentally i m still a bachha

    and always it has been fun discussing with u everything

    take care and god bless u

    awesome post again


      • hahaa when i m bachha u r like bachhe ka baap and when u r bachha i m like bachhe ki amma

        though i dont want to be anyones mommy 🙂

        yes bhaskar u r what u r that makes u special and a cherished friend

        and i like laughing bhaskar :))


  5. I will be honest…i read only my part…LOL…will read rest later and will reply again! now you being STRICT..yes you are and VERY STRICT guy! but….this is you and i want you to be like this always and forever…cause trust me,you and your anger stopped me many times from doing something outrageously STUPID LOL..nd BB if we want to change something in someone then we are not a true friend or i am not a true sister..becuase its not about changing people..its always about knowing someone and adjusting yourself as per his/her wishes..you will always find me like this! and no matter what…I wil never leave your peecha ! 😉

    love you hameesha…hugs


    • Are you sure you want me to be like that always 😉 Hahahahaha. Love you too Nish and yes I know too well you’ll remain the same. And this is the reason too that I’ll not leave your peecha with my danda. Hahaha!!!!!!!!


  6. BT you seriously know how to make one speechless!

    I know you last so many years, and can say with conviction…. Everyone need to get a friend like you in their life to know what real friendship is!


  7. First thing first: Congrats Yaar! Loved reading everything here, humour being the best.

    Like Sanjay says, you are a gem of the friend. I speak my mind out on only one matter, your health =)) I want you to stay fit and fine, for that I am ready to listen to your galiyas. 😉

    A request, can we get something humorous as the next post 😀


  8. Awwwwwwwww BT………
    We too love u loads! I too would go with Arpan, next a humour post plz!


  9. awww this is soooo very touching… you rr such an amazing person, alwys brings a smile on my face alwys… bless uuuuu 😀 😀


  10. After a long tiring day…such a sweet n appreciating compliment from someone who is as sweet as sugar himself surely…completes my day at least…>:D<…thenkoo thenkoo n thenkoo.."Daddy"…Hahaha.. 😀
    We'll surely get back to planning and scheming..dont worrry…see now we hav 2 jobs in pipeline…pulling amby's leg n a prank on butter :))…


  11. *Shiza has tears in her eyes and she does not know what to say*. How do you always manage to leave me speechless, bro? yeh magic toh sirf aap hi ko ata hai 😛 trust me. lol.
    AHHHH I don’t know what i would have done without you?
    you made my day 🙂
    thank you so much for everything bro!! you are the best. and i am blessed to have you in my life…seriously. i am so glad i am up there in your list. it just makes me feel SOOOOOO special. you have no idea.
    Love you MOREEEEE.
    take care. 🙂


  12. Hello…

    Its good to see my name in the list :D.. Now a days less talks but surely will catch up..and make this IPL rocking with KKR winning…

    Its good to see you in nice mood.. and always be same Rocking ….

    congo for 150.. chalo jaldi make it 200 like Sachin 🙂

    Thanks once again..


  13. Seriously Bhaskar, I am totally bowled having good friends like you, barnali and minnie. I wish, I get more time with you all than doing something I dont enjoy at times. I am thankful at least in some way or form, you guys are there for me. I am glad to get you all know all.

    Bhaskar, you yourself are such an nice person, people like to be in company with you. You make special for them. I should say, true friendship is something I cherish in you. If not for you guys, I would have lost faith in friendship..trust me.

    Again, thank you for always keeping us in your thoughts. The article is a true treat all your friends. What else can one ask for.

    Take care and god bless you,


  14. This is a true landmark. And wha do I say! I can just say I wish you too were born as my son along with Neil and Aryan…..you are as precious to me.

    Now I am feeling REALLY old, hahahaha!


    • this is really touching!
      God bless u both!

      congrat BT….may we get to read more here.



  15. congratulations on completing a 150 posts bro!! It’s a masterpiece like everything else you’ve written…here’s wishing an infinite number of posts and comments on this blog!! May God bless you & grant you all the happiness in the world!!


  16. First of all my hearty congratulations to you for this 150th post Bhaiya… I always enjoy reading all your posts and it is also a stress buster 🙂

    Thank you so much for the kind words you have written for me and I am also taking this opportunity to thank you for all the support you give me when I need them… I have always wanted an elder brother and I am happy that you came into my life giving me the same comfort as an elder brother does.. I really wish you the best in life because you make all our lives very beautiful with your presence.. May you be blessed with all the happiness in this world…. 🙂 I know that these days I am unable to even interact with you properly but still I would say that I will always be there with you when you need me…


    • BTW – Wanted to include one more thing – Thank you for including me as one of your treasure in your life.. I feel blessed 🙂


  17. Bro >:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D<
    how can you come up with such a sweeettttttt post…
    I've never met someone who is soo soo soo sweeeeeeeeeeett…..
    and dont worryyy bhaii our fights will be same oops no it would get more naughtier…=))
    I'm so lucky to have a friends like you…and this post brought a HUGEEEEEEEE smile on my face than the previous one…
    I know I'm replying to this post veryyy late….12th march ke post ko i'm replying now….*parr u know na i belong to a laaijeee kaandaan…jaise daddu waise daddy toh waise betii its obv naa..LOLZZ*


    • Hahahahahahahaha. You are too too sweet Amby. You really have no idea how big a smile you bring to my face when you interact. You are to adoring!!!!!!!! And yes stay always like this – Adoring, sweet, cute and Confused lazy. =))


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