When I miss you………

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Today I read a message by a friend of mine – “maa tomar jonno mon kharap korche. Mom i miss u…..” and that in turn took me back to thoughts of my own mother. Its now quite sometime she faded away into another world. I am ok, but at times I miss her more now than the day she left. We were very close and when I lost her it was a heartache I cannot explain in words. After she was gone, I got through everything fine. But as days passed, it hit me that I would never see her again. The pain in my body and in my mind was overwhelming, I never felt that bad before. I would go alone to some place where I could be by myself and let it all out. Time has made it easier but I still miss her very much.


When I miss you mother I turn towards the sun, with the rays on my face, I feel your love and grace.

When I miss your hold I stand still in the wind. And feel the strength of your soul.

When I miss your smile, I look to the night. Each star wishes they could be so bright.

When I miss everything about you, I stand in the rain until it washes away the pain.

When I look at what you left behind, I am so blessed and believe when I am with my friends and family, your spirit is with me and will never leave.

Today and forever I will miss you until together once again we will be!!!!!!!





6 thoughts on “When I miss you………

  1. BT hugggggg………………

    She is there with you, always, and looking upon you to keep you safe.


  2. :(…..moms are the best thing we have na !! even when she isn’t there you always know she is always there for you..that’s why she is the love of one’s life 🙂


  3. GM Bhaskar ji. dont know what to say . . .nothing can replace the mother . but still people r 4ra season and a reason .take care


  4. somehow bhaskar things are connecting here.

    a mother alone can sense her child feelings more and a mother alone can care for her child more

    no one can replace a mother for sure

    u take care bhaskar

    just nothing more to say to this


  5. What do I say! None in this whole wild world can anyone take the place of our own mother!


  6. Very well penned. i can relate to your sentiments…. bhai, mom’s never can leave us…they stay around us in some way or the other, right?


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