Learning from day to day incidents

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Its fun observing and then trying to imbibe anything that’s positive. I like learning things from around anything, anywhere, anytime. Some trivial things I noticed have now become milestones down my memory lane besides teaching me some ways to live life. Let me share a few with you all.

1. Table Manners – There used to be an advertisement, being aired on TV, on Hajmola Candy in which a hostel warden was instructing students on table manners- “Right hand mein knife, left hand mein fork” One of the students was found to have hajmola in his hands, and teacher asks “Right hand mein kya hai?” He says, “Kuch khatti kuch meethi…” and then everyone throws the knives and forks, to have food with their hands. That advt helped me remember, every time, even now, what goes in which hand. During formal dinners that I am invited to, this advt comes handy to me as I forget it too many times. 😉

2. Lesson of Never say Die – In our school days, we used to have role plays and skit-enactments of english/hindi/punjabi literature books. One such story was about a distraught king, who lost his entire kingdom; gaining self confidence from a spider who tried zillion times to climb the rock. I remember the morale of never say die from this story even today as I had to enact the role of spider while my childhood friend Prateek did the role of the King.

3. Lesson of hard work –
We had a horse at our home. They used to help in patrolling the vast orchard area of ours. I observed that a horse never sits; it only picks up one leg at the time when he sleeps. Only if he is ill or about to die, does he lie down. How strong!!

4. Staying fit –
If Adnan Sami can do it then anyone can. All you need is will power, there are no less ways of working out.

5. Lesson to thank others – You should see every morning the first earning of rickshaw-puller; the way he thanks God by making the rupee notes touch his tyre, handle, seat, cushion, rear. It’s remarkable.

They are very petty incidents but they got etched into my memory and also turned into learning lessons for me for the whole lifetime. How you see a daily incident, how you perceive it, this is what decides how you walk along this complex web which we call as life.

Let me quote a line of Henri Bergson here – The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.





10 thoughts on “Learning from day to day incidents

  1. good one….

    The horse. is sensible that it lifts one leg at a time…had it lifted both at the same time, then god help both the horse and the floor…hahahahaha..

    Past heroic deeds…hehehehehe…now they too teach important lessons , don’t they? thats why they say hind sight 20/20….

    Now if I don’t log out now, there will be one more lesson to be learnt… hahahahaha…


  2. I too remember this ad of hajmola…it was too funny. Thanks for the tip. Even I face this dilemma of holding knife and fork. now would follow your advise.


  3. hahaha bhaskar u r so right

    bt this ad i dont recall and yes i also confusd always which to hold fork and which to hold knives and i still hv trbl when i hv to use them
    dosa khate waqt to shaamat aati hai



    • Arae this was a very common advt for Hajmola at one time. There was this warden with a french-cut beard and all the kids sitting in a dinning hall. The kids were all small kindergarten one’s.


  4. Wow, hats off to you Bhaskar! I would never attach so much importance to these small incidents. Last one tells a lot about your heart.



  5. Bhaskar Ji!!!

    Nice concepts with good examples. Somehow this post reminds me the lectures of My Sir who used to teach Physics on the basis of the things which we see in everyday life….this sort of delivery of concepts have long impact on memory and easy to imbibe. Thanks for the post again.

    Btw its very interesting to know that you are interested in web right from school days 🙂 …such a natural and logical transition from spider web to world wide web 😀


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