Brij ki Holi!!!

When you think of Holi, just one thought comes to your mind – Colours!!! Can we imagine this festival with just one colour??? How stale it would look!!! Similarly even our life is full of many colours, the colours of emotions. Happiness, joy, smile, and yes even sadness, all are different colours of our life. It’s when we are sad; we realize how vibrant the other colours are.

When it comes to Holi the first thought that comes to my mind is Brij and Shree Krishna. From childhood I have heard how Kanhaiya would play Holi with Radha and other Gopiyas. So many songs have been composed on the same. I thought why not make this post bit different and dedicate to the Lord himself.

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Aaj rang se oodh du usko
Apne rang mein rang du usko,
Gulal to bas bahana hai,
Unse thithori ka irada hai,
Hum to kab ke rang chuke,
Jabse unke nayan jhuke,
Rang, gulab aur preet ki holi,
Khushi, mauj, ikraar ki holi,
Aaj Brij mein saji rangoli hai,
Rango mein simti holi hai.

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Aaj dunia saari kare thitholi,
Aaja hum bhi tujh sang khele holi,
Chehra rang dun tera gulal se,
Chunri rang dun rang lal se,
Hare rang se rang dun choli,
Aaja hum bhi khele holi.

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Aaj rang Brij mein bikhrenge,
Sang piya ke aaj hum bheegenge,
Holi ka rang aur bhi charega
Jab piya aaj mere sang hoga.

In the end let me wish you all a very Happy Holi. May your life be filled with all the colours of rainbow and may this festival ushers in loads of happiness, joy and mirth into your life. HAPPY HOLI.

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20 thoughts on “Brij ki Holi!!!

  1. Vah vah… kya mast holi ka asar chada on you…. infact , you do sound ROMANTIC !!!! hehehehe….

    The images and interpretations are very beautiful…. really lovely post…..


  2. lovely lovely lovely post……..I loved this a lotttttt

    Happy holi to everyone here. Hope u had fun bhaskar


    • Thanks Vicky. Yes had loads of fun but missed the Holi of Chandigarh yaar. Maybe next year we can be together again.


  3. Happy Holi BT and all others.

    I so miss India when such festivals come along!


    • Sirji make a trip to India during Holi once. KgP ke woh purane din, we can relive again. 🙂


  4. Bhaskar,

    Wish you a very happy holi! You must be getting busy playing with rang, abeer and gulaal right now 🙂



    • Yes Gauridi, had a wonderful time playing Holi. It was real fun. In Bengal Holi got celebrated yesterday.

      How are you doing???


  5. Great post Bro. Thank You.
    Wish you again a very happy and colorful holi filled with joy>:D<


  6. hahahahaha
    this is a surprise but a pleasant surprise i must say 🙂
    Happy holi to u Bhaskar


  7. Krishna !!! Krishna!!! I really wonder how you write poems in Hindi so easily Bhaskar Ji 🙂
    Somehow this post of yours reminds me my 8th class HINDI text book today…..Tulsi Das, Surdas and last but not the least the lady poet Meera…I used to struggle a lot memorizing the poem “Baso mere nainon me nanda lal…….” . It was an expected question for us in final exams 😉 . Mean while tulsi das ji and surdas ji used to bug us with their style of diff Hindi….whereas we poor creatures used to struggle with ordinary Hindi itself.

    Btw Nice poem and wonderful pictures according to the post. would have been much more nice if you have added your flute music too to this post.

    Holi Panduga Subhakankshalu 🙂


  8. very Romantic……surprise! surprise! didn’t know abt ur romantic nature,Bhaskar…..

    Happy Holi Bhaskar (btw tumhare dil ki Radha kaun aur kaha hai?)


    • Why!!! Aap to mere saath from KTH times hai. Forgot the odes I wrote for Aamna’s cat. =))


  9. wow i m late this time in commenting

    but yes now we r seeing different colors of thakur saab

    ur style of hindi err ahem is similiar to someone i know 😉

    good job and hope u had wonderful holi 🙂


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