Leaves of Memories

This picture was taken today when I was on my way to Rural Dev Centre at IIT Kharagpur. This is the road that takes you to the dept.

Click on the picture to see the enlarged view.

The grimy twilight fades into dusk,
And I see them wither and fall,
Those drifting leaves of memories,
And I struggle to gather them all.



9 thoughts on “Leaves of Memories

  1. Lovely… its so green !!!!! wow…. even now all we see is white…..

    Yes gather all the memories …. kyu kaha samjh gaye na…. ?????


  2. here is a song dedicated to those memories….. Jaane kaha gaye woh din…… tumko na bhul payenge… hahahahahaha


  3. bhaskar u sure show us lovely views of our country, the places never seen and so much beauty and greenery

    awesome hai


  4. knowledge of nature shows the nature of knowledge. nice view of nature in such a knowlegeable place Bhaskar ji.


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