O Mother, come down to Earth now!!!

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O Mother,
There’s so much sorrow, everything lie in ruins,
Is this a curse or atonement of our sins?
Injustice prevails over truth today,
Violence everywhere and everything in decay!

O Mother,
The holy land of ours today is somewhere lost.
Where are the warriors, where’s the Lord?
Why did we have to face such a day?
Human beings turning into animals today!

O Mother,
Come down to earth and bring this injustice to end,
Don’t you have a shield in your powerful hand?
Put an end to this mutual hatred and violence,
For all in this world who are helpless!

O Mother,
Please help us and get rid of this pain,
At your feet today we come without vain,
Lot of hopes and prayers from out heart flows,
That you will hear and release us of all sorrows!





10 thoughts on “O Mother, come down to Earth now!!!

  1. Bhagwan jee is extremely busy to actually hear our Voice Bhaiyya
    meri sunte tho nahii hai, but let me atleast ask him to hear your voice

    Ohhh My Dear Sweet Lord
    Hum Jaise Nek bando ki Awaaz kabhi kabhi sunlijeye
    Trust me, hum jo bhi mangte hai woh dena aapke liye itna difficult bhi nahii hai

    Please iss fariyaad ko sunn lijiye
    Thode Peace KI jarurat hai iss Desh Mein, so grant us some peace and a bit of Happiness


  2. Beautiful Thoughts Bhaskar Ji 🙂
    Its really sad to see the things happening in the country. Donno if there is any place which is really SAFE. People who provide security are also having no security…India’s majority of population is youth and wish wish wish they don’t go directionless …btw is really anyone bothered about the VALUE of LIFE….we have terrorists planning blasts left right left….other side we have senseless youth attempting suicide for each and every damn thing….Wish people learn the basic principle “jiyo aur jeene do”……….


  3. So beautifully expressed.
    Humanity is at its lowest and nothing seem to b working right
    Truth….what is that? people seem to have forgotten
    Truth now is what benefits me
    people have turned too selfish, thinking of only their own good
    Yes we need divine help now as i feel things have gone beyond the hands of us mortals.


  4. Very well written bhai….. mother ji is waiting on a RAC quota… reservation nahi mila…isi liye yeh tension.
    Yaar, the whole world is at its height of deception, corruption and inhumanity…Maata ji will have a tough time rounding up all the villains.


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