Mother – The Essence and Beauty of Life

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A mother’s love can’t be made or shaped,
Kept in a showcase for us to look at forever,
Between mother and child the love is grown,
With care for memories to happily flower.

In a mother’s arms this daunting world fades,
For she feeds her child tender strength,
The feeling you get with her hand on our head,
The roots of courage that takes a child to any length.

A mother’s love knows no restrain or limit,
Like vines it supports through the roughest storms,
Her devotion to her child no one can delete
And during the darkest time her embrace is warm.

A mother’s heart proudly drums her child’s name,
In those gentle eyes she cradles understanding,
The toughest behavior with careful words she tames,
And her concern never ignores or become demanding.

No store can sell or produce a mother’s love,
No child can ever forget the touch of her heart,
She is a gift irreplaceable, a work of art by God,
She is the essence of love and the beauty of life.





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