Maasa’s “Crow-king” is back into my life again!!!

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Ok I am up from 3am today and the blame lies solely with a “Crow”. I never knew they can be awake at 3am too. :O Fine you want to, go ahead, but why shout on top of your voice that too perched near window!!! I am now convinced of the fact that “Crow” and me don’t go together hand in hand. I still remember that day in Shimla when I returned home from school tired. So tired that I did not even feel like eating myself!!!

Me: Maasa, please khana khilado na. I’m feeling bored to eat.

Maasa: I can’t today. Just eat yourself? I have lot of work to finish yet.

Me: Please, I am tired.

Maasa: Chhote, eat your khana and don’t bug me. Itne bade ho gaye ho abhi bhi khana khilana padta hai!!! I told you; today I can’t and there ends the story.

Caw, caw caw (Well that isn’t me. It’s a crow at the window sill)

Maasa: Aare beta, tu jaldi aa gaya aaj. Tere liye toh maine abhi tak roti bhi nahi banayi!

Me: Maasa, please feed me na. I am feeling bored and tired and sleepy.

Maasa: Shut up Chhote. I have to go feed the crow!!

Me: ***Turning green with envy*** What do you mean!!!! You can feed the crow but you can’t feed me!
Maasa: ***Silence***

Me: Sulking Ohhkkkk. Eww bhindi (lady fingers) why this??? I hate it. Maasa please make something else for me na.

Maasa: I can’t now, I have lot of work. And now you better finish your food quick!!!

Me: Hmmpppttt!!

After sulking for half an hour, I decide to take revenge. The crow will pay for depriving me of my mother’s love.

Me: ***Splashing the crow with water*** Fly away you irritating bird.

Crow: Caw caw caw Your Maasa loves me more than you!

Me: Shut up you bird. My Maasa doesn’t love you!

Crow: Of course she does. You wanna bet?

Me: Of course

Crow: I heard you telling your Maasa you don’t like the vegetable she has made. Did she make a new one for you?

Me: Of course not. She doesn’t have the time for making a new sabzi.

Crow: Thats what you think! Watch and learn from the expert.

Maasa enters with roti and sabzi for the crow.

Maasa: Take beta, eat.

Crow: Caw caw caw caw (Translation: No I won’t)

Maasa: Kya hua, you don’t like the sabzi?

Crow: Caw (Translation: No)

Maasa: Should I make something else for you? Allo ki sabzi khayega?

Crow: Caw caw (Translation: Yes please)

Maasa: Ok I’ll make some for you!

Me: Maasa!!

Crow: Cee cee cee (Translation: Hee hee hee)

And there it was official. My Maasa loves the crow more than she loves me.

And tonight again he was back here to bug me. I am sure it’s the same one or some close relative of his. Heredity then speaks!!!!!





10 thoughts on “Maasa’s “Crow-king” is back into my life again!!!

  1. hahahahahahahahaha…just plain awesome…..

    suddenly remembered that song…mein teri dushman tu meri dushman…. that snake wala song… was too funny…..

    just imagine having this conversation with the crow… hahahahahaha


  2. OMG! BT its just plain hilarious hahahahahahahahahaha…………………

    So this time no water splashing? All venting done here. hahaha…..


  3. hahahahahahahahaha
    BT you are too much………… crow also gets added here..
    its too good too funny yaar


  4. oh great
    i wake up in morning and read this

    how do u ever come up with such brilliant stuff

    hahah too good


  5. mujhe neend na aye
    mujhe chain na aye
    koi jaye zara dhund ke laye
    is crow se bachne ke upay 😉

    Just awesome thakur. fantastic piece!


    • This crow should have gone to your place. You need few sleepless nights Subbu to get that work finished. 😉


  6. Cee Cee Cee…..Nice post. Reminds me of this song “Big Black Crow”. Btw nice to see that Crows at your place too are awake so early 😛

    Big black crow, sittin’ in a tree
    What are you squawkin’ ‘bout, won’t you tell me
    Caw, caw, caw

    Every day it’s the same old song
    Are you hopin’ I can sing along with you
    Caw, caw, caw

    Way up high in the old oak tree
    Your shiny black feathers are clear to see
    You’re bigger and louder than all the rest
    You must think you’re the very best

    Big black crow, you’re a noisy bird
    You sing the loudest song that I ever heard
    Caw, caw, caw


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