Amateur Chefs should be ready to face disaster during cooking!!

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Hi everyone, you’re watching the headlines news now. I’m Bhaskar. Top news – Chef Thakur warns all of the danger of cooking without supervision. Reports say that Thakur himself, the newly groomed chef, has had many times encountered cooking disasters, invoking the wrath of “him”. He had to make other arrangements for food, besides getting into cleaning up the mess caused. Chef Thakur advises that all cooking should be done by professionals and that amateur chefs should be wary of the disasters that can happen even when they are following the recipe closely. Here’s rest of the details directly from the horses mouth.

Minor mishaps were common. As part of my first cooking, made a sabzi without oil, well the recipe did not carry specific instruction about oil to be used. And I suffer from this “Follow-Instruction-Syndrome”. Next attempt was with daal. After boiling, suddenly it came to my mind there’s something missing. Then recalled, during the cooking process somewhere we get to hear a “screeching” sound (chhaunk). After giving lot of thoughts it dawn upon me how that happens. Took the stirring spoon, heated it and put it into the boiling daal. YES, there the same sound. But it still tasted stale!!! Why not, it lacked everything except for the “Daal”, yes even salt.

I left it at that for many days and finally one day got a recipe for making soup. I was asked to prepare it and for that had to use the pressure cooker to boil the ingredients. Putting it over the gas oven I started surfing net. And then there was the noise!!!! I ran to my kitchen to find most of the stuff on the ceiling. On the plus side, half the soup still remained in the pot after the show was over. 😀

Then came the era of microwaves and on everyone’s instructions, got one. They said it’s easy to cook and best part being you can get the ready made food and just need to “Microwave” it to eat. There was a soup available in the market those days which used to come in a tin. It said – you pull the lid off and microwave. Lid was of metal but rest pot was microwavable plastic. Instructions were basic and I followed them. However here comes the clincher. The rim of the pot was made of metal!!! Its not that I did not notice the same, BUT instructions specified just to open the lid and put the pot (no mention whatsoever of transferring the soup into some other microwavable container). Within few seconds I hear a loud Thump. Then next!!! I decided to go and investigate. Tell me, have you ever seen your food shoot up to the roof of the microwave compartment before? Here the entire pot would periodically jump up, slam the microwave roof, and fall back down. Soup turned out fine but microwave had a slight dent at the roof.

Anyway, has anyone wondered how safe is a microwave-safe container? Has anyone wondered if it is true that it won’t get burnt inside the oven? Actually it can get burnt but not directly; it’ll burn if the food inside it burns! Like what happened few days back. I (over)cooked two fish fillets and ended up with a hole in my “Microwave-safe” Tupperware and a smelly microwave oven and I had to waste the fish fillets because they had become as hard as wood.

Oh yes before I end, did I tell you all what can happen if you try boiling egg in a microwave with its shell on!!!! If you have loads of time in hand to dedicate solely to your microwave, then do try out and check.





12 thoughts on “Amateur Chefs should be ready to face disaster during cooking!!

  1. oh my god oh god bhaSKAR

    this is hilarious

    cant stop laughing

    u r too much bhaskar

    IT specialist cant follow simple instructions

    someone better make a collection of these hilarious posts and the rest

    this is awesome and the way u put it

    heheheheh hahahahah too good


  2. Finally here after a lonnnnnnnng time BT and what a treat!

    Dost mere get married and you get free ticket to stay away from all these hazards hahaha.

    Very well written and too hillarious.Kya kya karte ho tum.

    BTW new look of the blog is great. Its refreshing.


  3. Commander… yeh kya?? training mein kami rah gayi shayad… Tabhi to hamne kaha tha …shaadi kar lo.
    Do you want some simple recipies????? Senapati is ready to help anytime…


  4. Suny beta should read this…then he won’t go calling me the only ‘explosive cook’!!!
    Bhai….good one….can truly relate to it…. infact have personal experience on the egg boiling in microwave!!!!
    btw..hing is supposed to be a ghastly smelling powder which is used for seasoning! got this info from someone.hehehe.


  5. Bhaiyya

    i have to confess this here too …. as some already know
    i can do anything but not cooking ….. last time my parents went to our native place n i was all alone home ….. roz naya naya experiment karthi thi …… Ek mahine ka samaan i almost ended up using in that weeks time …. and end result was a BIG 0 …… even after so much of mehnat ….. the khana looked great but tasted just OK ……

    So i could say …. aap akele nahii ho …… and waise am still in the process of learning ….. kabhi na kabhi tho jeet he jayenge ……..ROFL


  6. @ Preeti – Yes Jeet Jayenge Hum, I am also moving ahead with the same thought. =)) Practice brings perfection.

    Bas yeh onion ko without tear drops kaatne ka koi upaye bata de koi. Hahahaha.


  7. Lord! You and your humor! Ek kam karo BT. That will be a boon to us all. DO NOT COOK. Either you may get burnt or food nuksan dono hi taraf hai baba. Any way it was hilarious. Sometimes you too can be a Dennis the menace, really.


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