Ipad by Apple, is it really the “Apple” of our eye?

Steve Jobs during Ipad release

Finally the latest creation by Apple, its multifarious, multi-talented and multimedia tablet is in the market. It has been named as “Ipad“. Its now the latest cool gadget in the market. I went through the gadget. I would say its the most exciting thing Steve Jobs has ever worked on. (On foot note, he was not looking well in the pictures showing him, during Ipad release.)

Ok so let me get this straight!!!!

Ipad will run only those programs which Apple has authorised. Not others.

You don’t have any keyboard. Cool!!!

It comes with a flash memory card of 16G. That’s HUGE!!!!

If you want to use any SD card or any other USB device, you need to buy extra adapters.

Flash, Skype and few other such programs won’t run on the tablet.

You can run one “JUST ONE” program on it at a time. You want to work and listen to music, sorry it won’t work that way. Want to chat while working, forget it.

Yes, it’s going to sell in millions, and the people buying it will actually think they’re being rebellious and edgy and coooool. =))

Can someone please lend me billions of quid for giving them bits of white curvy plastic that aren’t as good as real computers? πŸ˜›

It fills the gap (which doesn’t exist as per me) between phones and laptops in the same way that the Segway scooter fills the gap (which again doesn’t exist) between walking and riding a bicycle. Neat gizmo for those who want to pay and feel like getting some change, but won’t matter in the long run unless *Real* use for it materializes.

End of the day would say – Advances in computational ability and probability have made and will continue to make electronics an integral part of society!!!





15 thoughts on “Ipad by Apple, is it really the “Apple” of our eye?

  1. hmm great advance technology

    apne paas simple wala fone hai wahi sahi hai yeh sab to bouncer gaya


  2. Incapable to run multiple applications at the same time.. hmmm. The more i read the more dissapointed i am… Stopping it now. πŸ™‚


  3. Well, it is a nice new invention, but overall I did expect more..

    Thanks Bhaskar for the detailed update.


  4. This might hurt apple, their products are too expensive and not up to date. Why keep flash, webcam and other usages away from the tablet? Competition is not sleeping!

    Thanks Bhaskar.


  5. Hmmmm…. i am still getting used to my wayward cell…hahahaha….

    So Ipad can wait…. ok will do…. thanks for the update…. adha samajh mein aaya aadha bounce karke kahi aur chala gaya…. hehehehehe


  6. Hmm….though I don’t own any Apple product(would love to own one day..)….I’m a big fan of APPLE and Steve Jobs….I like their out of box thinking….iPhone is till fav of millions…iPod touch…still fav of millions…but iPad in its current state is not convincing the people…I’m sure with modifications its going to rock πŸ™‚ ….I don’t think Steve Jobs will let iPad become a failure πŸ™‚


  7. Apple need to work on the pricing too. The price at its current state is too high. Still many would go for just for the sake of it but it wont last long in the market. In India it wont get so popular.

    @Prasannaji – Just because something is loved by millions dont make the thing good. Lets get realistic. Ipad in its current state is not up to the mark. They promised something and talked big, but ended in giving a disappointing product. By the time they come up with the modifications, keeping in view their speed of software modification, few more better tablets will be there in the market.


  8. Its disappointing. The whole product seems to have been made to take social networking at another level and for ebooks. For USB we need to buy extra adapters, its a new way to earn extra bucks.

    Nice post BT. Hope you are doing good. When do you plan to visit Bangalore next?


  9. @Sanjay ji : Agree with what you have said. However,these types of ‘aberrations’ happen when people THINK DIFFERENT and experiment….and there are always methods, gadgets to correct/modify these aberrations πŸ˜‰ am sure APPLE is so agile and they will definitely not disappoint its users and admirers….
    Reg the competition and agility aspect…its always ‘Survival of the fittest’ and APPLE or Banana or Grapes..will survive only if it caters the current needs and upcoming needs of the users/customers πŸ™‚ . There is nothing wrong in doing errors and nothing wrong in modifying them :). Making errors is part of development and growth πŸ™‚


  10. Such big hype but all down the drains. Apple products are always costly. And there if they cause such errors then they are surely gone case. IT guys were looking towards the tablet with lot of aspiration, it was supposed to usher in a new revolution. After going thru the sample dept got, can say its going to be just another fashionable item to carry for few days till next cheaper advanced version comes out.

    “There is nothing wrong in doing errors and nothing wrong in modifying them”

    Only prob here is the current market. Its so changing and facing competition that you need to be better with what you come out with. Modifying takes time and Apple has a history of taking infinite time. By then something new would be out. Sorry but thats a lame excuse. In current market you need to be best to stay atop.


  11. If this is supposed to be a replacement for netbooks, how can it possibly not have multitasking? Are you saying I can’t listen to Pandora while writing a document? I can’t have my Twitter app open at the same time as my browser? I can’t have AIM open at the same time as my email? Are you kidding me? This alone guarantees that many will not buy this product.

    APPLE is so agile. Yep. So agile that they came out with Safari many yrs back. But still have not fixed the security bugs. Its the most insecure web browser currently. Even Crome has done a better job than Apple’s Safari and taken over the market. And Crome came many yrs later than Safari. That tells a lot!


  12. Ok here’s the detailed analysis of Ipad. Reading the comments its evident public are too disappointed.


    Additional accessories itself will now cost more and take the price further up. Its nothing much different from other netbooks, infact others have more features than Ipad.


  13. You all are talking about modification, have you guys checked the software? Flash, camera usage, and more importantly multitasking, they all are absent and can never get modified. To modify it Apple will need to remake the whole product.

    Guys HP Slate will be in market any day and even that has more features than Ipad. Do you guys think google, Sony, Nokia would sit idle? Forget it. They’ll be in the market with their product which as we all know would be cheaper than any Apple product, and definitely cover these drawbacks.

    As for India, sorry guys but Apple Ipad won’t work. They would prefer going for Laptop or maybe a Macbook. Why put so much money on this product when you can get another with more features so what if its bigger in size. All those fads gizmos don’t work in India.


  14. sounds silly…I’d still prefer to live ”with the gap” and use a phone and laptop instead of paying for fancy machines that do no work… πŸ˜›


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