You will always live in my heart

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Image Courtesy Google

With suddenly lot happening on personal front, I forgot the place completely. Really sorry!!! Today morning one of my friends Meenaji reminded me about the place and asked why I am missing. So here I am.

On my end, well at this moment won’t say I am in the “Happy Singh” mood. Have some urgent task to get over with which is eating up every possible cell matter of the brain. Also ended in fighting with someone, something I shouldn’t have because end result is – I feel down. Hahaha. That needs to be rectified soon and by day end will make sure to get it done.

With all this happening my mind has gone back to the memories of one person – My mother!!! At such times when I feel down and hit the bottom, its she who comes to my mind most. So thought of writing few lines for her today.

When a child takes birth the only thing he knows is how to cry,
I too was born crying but she taught me how to smile.

Whenever I looked, her face was always so bright,
I discovered that she is the source of my light.

She always smiled at me, I don’t remember her frown,
She always cheered me up whenever I felt down.

She asked me to be brave and to always live with a pride,
With her I never felt fear since she was always by my side.

Even before my asking, she saw to all my need,
I was like an open book for her, she could easily read.

For my happiness she sacrificed everything that she could,
She raised me quite well from a child to man and for what I stood.

Her kindness, caring and love was a never ending show,
For what reasons did she go to such length, I don’t know.

For this, I feel writing this poem for her is like a sin,
Because she was too holy to be described by my pen.

My dear Maasa, you were my candle in the darkness,
You were the merciful heart when people turned heartless.

You are much more precious than this poem has told,
And my love for you is more than this world can hold.

You live in my heart and will always stay on that special seat,
I will always and forever love you as long as my heart beats.

One day all of us leave this earth and today we both are apart,
But I want you to know one thing for sure; … You will always live in my heart!!!





11 thoughts on “You will always live in my heart

  1. aww bhaskar u know i always love to read ur posts here and everywhere

    how do u manage to come up with such beautiful thoughts and words

    truly mothers are as u described above

    thanks for posting again
    it felt empty at nt getting new post from u on ur blog

    u take care buddy


  2. Thanks Meenaji. It really went out of my mind last few days. But hope now will be back again. Thanks for reminding. Saw few have sent mails passing some nice adjectives. πŸ˜‰

    Samuel I am coming over to yours now. =))


  3. Wonderful and very , very touching

    being a Mama’s girl and a mother myself I cherish these words


  4. This is what is called a perfect poem, one in simple words but straight from the heart, one anyone would get connected to.

    Brilliant Bhaskar.


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