Hello, will you marry me please???

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My friend Subrat is too busy currently with the matrimonial sites. No wait, not for him, but his sister. Another person, Ritudi had told me many times how funny few entries can be but this is the first time I am actually experiencing one. =))

Now, you have to excuse me for posting this. I am too tired after yesterday late night work schedule. And it seems to have effected my brains and nothing creative is coming. So against better judgment, I post here THE profile from a leading matrimonial site. I have edited only the name so that the original sentiments of the writer is retained. Thanks Subrat for sharing. =))

Hi I Am xxxxxxxx. My Age Is xx Years Old. I Am Perment Residence Of xx City My Education Is B. Com, L. L. B, G. D. C. x; A. , (Certified Auditor In Government Co-Op Department), A. M. F. I. , (Broker Of Mutul Fund) I. R. D. A. ,

I Am Is To Do The Business. My Business Is Whole sale Distributor Of Gold And Silver Jewellery. (xxxx ) The Turnover Of This Is 1 Corers. (Today The Marketis A Versatile And Thetis Why The Business Is Only One Corers Bur It Can Be Two To Three Corers) My Business Is Under The Jurisdiction To All Marathwada And Maharastra (West) My Thinking Is To Do The Business On My Whole Life Today. My Latesy Business Is Wholesale Distributor I Am Doing The Business If xxxx (xxxx Traders) By That I Have My Turnover Of Rs. 5 Corers Of The Whole Year. I Am Appointment On The Panel Of Gold Valuer In Various Banks, & Appointment On The Panel Of Certified Auditor In Government Co-Op Department, There Is No Loan Or Any Of The Dues On Me Or On My Family And This All Business Is All On My Individual Things

My Life Says That And I Also Think That Hard Worker Person Have Made The Success In The Life The History Also Says That Hard Worker Person Is Always In The Success I Am A Positive Creative Person.

I Think That My Life Partner Should Be The Same Thinkers Of Mine And I Think That The Person Should Be Seen And Not The Patrikas I Think That The Person Should Be Seen Good Or Bad I Think That She Should Be In The Faculty Of Commerce, Finance, Investment, Sector Consulting

I Am The Permant Resident Of Aurangabad City I Have An Independent Bungalow, 1 BHK Ahemadnagar, Old Agriculture Land In Ahemadnagar, No Liability, Well Settled, 4-Wheeler, 2-Wheelers Etc. Financially Sound We . I Am Fair, Good-Looking And Charming Boy. I Am Full Of Enthusiasm. & Understands Family Values And Also Social Values. I Am Quiet Active And Good Sense Of Humor. I Am Pure Vegetarian, I Am Also Non Smoker Non Drinker Who Also Strong Belief Into The Cultural As Well As Traditional Festivals Etc. I Will Do Business In My Life And My Aim Is To Do Business With Comparisons Ambani And Tata Also

My Attitude Believe In Simplicity, Enjoy Life, Cooperate Each Other To Progress In Life. Have Deep Faith In God. Health Entire Family Has Sound Health, No Disease, No Hereditary Diseases

My Hobbies Are Reading News About Share Markets And Jewellery Market Searching Of The New Business I Also Like Traveling In Other Cities Country And To Make New Business Friends,

I Have Also Issued My Passport From The Regional Office.

My Family Is A Very Nucleus In My Family There Is Father, Mother And A Littile Sweet Sister.

As Per My Knowledge I Have Give All My Information And If Any Of The Things Are Not Appeared That I Do Not Know

I Am Very Much Thankful That You Have Taken Some Of The Interesting Me…….


Everything here is of Mr X’s doing and I just copy pasted the matter.

I have full faith in God above that he won’t send Mr X to read my blog. Else I am sure I’ll be next moment standing in front him. =))





14 thoughts on “Hello, will you marry me please???

  1. Hahahahahahahaha this one is just ONE OF ITS KINDDDD….

    I cant stop laughing…Half the things were not even understandable 😛

    Thanks for this Bhai


  2. this is out of the world classic piece hahaha
    I experienced it when i was helping out a friend
    few profiles can send you rolling on the floor


  3. oh god this is hilarious
    its like one of those can i have franship with u pls

    total classic

    ab subhah subah i m laughing like mad here

    too good


  4. Very funny.. I met and married Pankaj thru Shaadi.com.. it was interesting journey as I meet so many weird as well as interesting Guys.. can be very frustrating too.. if anyone wants Tips about How to get marry thru Net.. I am here


  5. Omg.. this ad. surely takes the cake. Just the tonic I needed today haha.

    Just the other day one of my virtual friends sent me an ad. of another virtual friend from a wellknown matrimonial site to see what was written. I was stunned to read the profile for I thought I knew this virtual friend well. Just goes to show…

    Thanks for sharing Bhai.



  6. OMG! Hahahahahaha!!!!! This is hillarious! But not surprising. I knew a man once, that too my husband’s collegue, who would say every sentence ending with an ‘s’.

    Good Mornings. Hows are yous. I am fines. We are! shoppings.


  7. I would really love to know how many girls contacted the guy. After this advt I am now sure – Jokers are real too. =)) He could have even got the whole thing edited by someone!!!


  8. just reading the title I thought I was hallucinating or you have gone bonkers !!!! hahahahah Thank God…. u are still sane…..hehehehehe…its a good one.


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