2009 as it was and a Happy New Year to you all.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Everyone has something to talk about 2010, the resolutions and all. Frankly speaking I have none this year. I have no resolutions this year but yes, I have dreams. Dream I know and am confidant I will fulfill this year.

Last part of the year I had to go through one issue. People kept asking me WHY? HOW? Why don’t you want to get married right now? How long do you plan to keep living like this? I tried to feed the shaadi-thing in my head but somehow my mind rejects it so I have given up on feeding. Don’t want to create more turbulence in my already messed-up-brains.

Work Front – The year started soft. Goals were a distant dream in the first quarter. Decided to follow the usual track of mine – keep trying without giving up. And it turned out to be an amazing year with goals being met a month before the year ended. This also lead to the company MD selecting me for the citation, though I would credit the honour to our whole team. Infact end of the year saw us doing extra work. Thanks to our whole team, we do make a great one.

Personal Front – Went through a paranoid syndrome with regards to my nephew. Was and am always worried with his chill-yaar attitude to everything. At the age of six he believes strongly that it does not need him to study much to become a mechanic of a garage. Also built some strong bonds with few, and am too happy to have them in my life. It has finally given me the confidence that there are people who I can bank on.

Friends – I have made some, I have lost some. I am way past the age when I’ll try to pretend to win friends. If you like me and understand me the way I am, great. Else you really deserve someone better. I will still help the people I want to, even if they are not friends for me anymore.

Twitter – Few friends took me there and I tried hooking to the site. But within two days I lost all interest and now have even forgotten the password.

Sense of Humour – It was on the front seat all through the year, maybe baring a few days inbetween. Its something which pushes me and keeps me upbeat always.

Money – I have lost a lot of it this time on many personal issues. Will take time to make this amount of money again.

People – I don’t understand them. They change without any warnings. Realized, koi kisi ke liye kuch bhi kar le, hamesha kamm padd jaata hain.

Spiritualism – The year saw me renewing my belief in the spiritual powers. Everytime I was in a real soft spot, it took just one prayer to give me strength to get through it, and it wasnt long before, the smile got back.

Myself – I did see myself mellow down this year. I realised there is no real need to prove oneself to people who don’t matter, and people who do, they trust and believe in you and your capabilities. This year made me differentiate between the subject and the object, and helped in my understanding of the difference between the war and the battle.

This year, 2010, is going to be greater I am sure. And I would pray it goes to become far more great for you all than even me. If 2009 was not so good, then drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it is gone, over!! Lets pray our hands always be stretched out in friendship, never in want.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, a year filled with friendship, love, joy, happiness and peace.





8 thoughts on “2009 as it was and a Happy New Year to you all.

  1. speechless again

    just i wud like to say be as u r always dont change

    and here is wishing u everything u deserve and want


  2. May the dawn of New Year lead you to the path of beautiful tomorrows and bring you abounding joys,filling your heart with love and home with happiness.

    Wish u a very very Happy New Year 🙂


  3. Bhaskar,

    Very well put thoughts above. I wish 2010 will bring you all the happiness you deserve plus some more 🙂

    Gauri di


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