Thanks Everyone, for the Lovely Wishes.

Thank You

Let me thank  all of you who remembered me and wished on my Birthday. For those who left messages everywhere and bothered. And those wonderful friends who chatted and lingered.

Last few years the Almighty above has been taking too much interest in me. =)) I know you made it a rule to make me hit rock bottom. And I am sure you work really hard too for making this possible. 🙂 But I would also take this day to thank you for bringing some awesome people into my life who in turn made sure to pick me up and helped me in standing straight.

First person being you Minniedi. (She is all about happiness and love for me and I am sure even the almighty above is jealous 😉 ) You took time out from your busy schedule, you were not even well, still went on to do so much. Recorded so many things for me. You know too well how much I love listening to anything you record. You have always been my support. The trust you placed on me, I feel treasured. And Didi, not even once feel bad and wish if only you could give me back things I lost. Yes I may feel bad for their absence in life, I am also a dreamer, but definitely I’ll never wish for something I know I can never get. I look back at time and even if I miss them all, I have learned to cherish the memories rather sit and brood. I have learned to control my life, I have learned that even if it seems like the end of the world at this moment, this too shall pass. And all this I learned from you Didi. You knew too well what low level I had gone down to, and if today I am here, its because of you. You very rightly choose the song – Duniya ke saath jo badalta jaaye, Jo iske dhaanche me hi dhalta jaaye, Duniyaa usiki hai jo chalataa jaaye, Mud mud ke na dekh. No I won’t thank you for all you did and do, I would in turn thank that Almighty above. And yes, even if you think me and treat me as Aryan and Neil, I won’t mind so you need not go into making that New Year resolution. =))

Sangeetadi – For these few lines I just don’t have any words. “We have a closeness that doesn’t need to be measured in miles. Ours is the warm and sharing kind that has always been measured in memories made, reassurance given, and the nicest kind of smiles anyone could ask for. You are a big part of my life, and you always will be.” I know I have not kept in touch with you much last few months. But remember I’ll always be there whenever you need me. And yes do get well soon. May this new year brings good health besides happiness for you.

Adi – You are not here this year. First time maybe this has happened on this day. But I was so surprised to get all your wishes still. You have always been a friend, a brother, lending me all sort of support. Yes all, even while planning all pranks. =)) Thanks for being there in my life and thanks a lot lot for the special gift you sent. Its too beautiful.

Rest everyone, sorry for not replying individually. I’ll take this post to thank you all. Many wished me for the first time this year. Priya Kapur, Priya Singh, Sumedha Karmarkar, Samuel, Arun Shankar, Vikram Banga, I am really touched receiving wishes from you all. It always feels nice making new friends!!!

Anitha, Nattu, Nish the hyper, Anu, Bhabhiji, Butter, Ammu, Sam, Khair, Mango (thanks for calling me buddha haha), Pachu, Nidhi, Aditi, Pinky, Natasha, Natz, Chinti, Shiza my cutest sister, Anku our dear Ankie Frankie, Bhaijaan, Minali, Sonu my Jhansi ki Rani, Neelu, Pari, Meenaji my partner in adoring Nawab Saab haha, Minzy Minnie my Dakooji, Pari, Mini, Truptidi, Simdi my senapati, Sumidi, Saniya, Heer, Ashish, Vishal, Arijit, Alokeshda, DRC Mam, SG, Gagan and Preeti my dushmans when it comes to Rati =)), Kavitadi, Nehadi (love you loads and you too, do get well soon), Al my dear dear friend, Sahsha, Latadi (I really appreciate your wishes and blessings), Rakshadi, all my colleagues, and the most important one – My Dear and Dearest Amby Baby.

You who took time out from your otherwise busy day
You who stopped awhile, left me a message and did say,
My dear friend, Bhaskar, I wish you a very “Happy Birthday”!

You who could have otherwise thought,
“Nah, he doesn’t need a greeting
Look at him behaving, he seems happy as a clam!”

Indeed I am happy and content just as a clam,
I  believe, happiness is but a jar of jam!
Lets see joy in everything, even where there is none.
I find comfort in a Being, higher than all of us, bar none.

You who could have otherwise said,
“Nah, I don’t need to write it, such a greeting is overrated.
After all, a birthday to one is but a usual day to some.
And as I said, look at him, he’s probably having enough fun!”

You, who could have otherwise decided that it’s better not to greet
Than be branded either “eagerly excited” or “terribly late”,
You who could have logged in and out without a trouble or a care.
Still, you DID what you did, left a greeting, au contraire.

It’s friends like you all who make birthdays happier
People like you who make parties thrown here and there,
Look no more fabulous and appear none the grander.

It is you who makes me pause in this hurried, confounded world
To appreciate life, count my blessings and remember what I’ve always been told —
That friends come and go, in myriad colors, shapes and sizes.
They add meaning to your existence, the pleasure of one who socializes!

They may promise to stay forever, swear on their lives saying: “Leave you? Never!”
The next day they’d be packing, running after lost dreams, gripping a dagger!
But the footprint they leave on that old hostile path you once traversed together
Stay with you long after the journey’s over, enduring even the harshest of weather.

These friends I speak of may be actual or virtual, they maybe new or old.
I might not see them now in the flesh, never did so, and maybe never would.
But the thought of their very existence is enough to put a smile in a face like mine,
That though most times appear smug and happy, let it not beguile
Even I’m not without my own challenges or share of troubles, every once in a while.

Thank you for your greetings, dear friends who I value greatly.
Be it known to you — now and for all eternity —
That every message you send me, moving swiftly and securely,
Aided by the wonders of technology, that’s ever so lively,
From the farthest continents, across the seas of whatever country or territory —
Is treasured, never forgotten, forever appreciated and cherished as priceless
By someone whose natal day has been made special by your warmest greetings and wonderful wishes!

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!





22 thoughts on “Thanks Everyone, for the Lovely Wishes.

  1. hmm kabhi koi meri bolti bandh kar deta hai kabhi koi

    chatterbox goes silent

    let me say this
    coz u r so special u make all of us feel special

    i dont have the right words to put across

    u dont have to thank us
    instead we have to thank god for giving us such good friends in life though miles apart having never met still form a close bond

    hope u had a fantastic birthday
    and i didnt know u adore nawab sahib too hehehe

    it was our pleasure

    and specially to minnie

    u have a lovely voice and wonderful recording it was

    god bless u both the way u two have bonded

    dont know what else to say


  2. >:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D< chalo lets start our masti again..;))

    PS: Bhai delete that previous post of mine…:( your blog is eating my words…=))


  3. Thanks not needed man.We did what we felt you needed.Wish I could have spent the day with you this year too.Chal happy singh, agle saal sahi.Happy new year.


  4. Wishing my buddy a happy new yr
    and hope it brings in happiness
    and bright sunshine to ur life
    I found a rare and precious friend in you bhaskar
    and hope we get to enjoy many
    more such bdays of yours on this planet


  5. HET Bhaskar…Wish u too a super duper n rocking 2010..

    May Good health, happiness, peace and prosperity follow u always..

    Kya baat hain….Rajeev ki tarah…u r waxing eloquent with your words and rhymes…



  6. Have a awesome year BT.Our good wishes will be there with you always and not just for your birhday.


  7. u are a gem of a friend.Happy new yr to u and your family bhaskar
    may the yr brings lot of happiness for u


  8. ooooo thanks to YOU indeed bro.We all are blessed to have you as our friend,big brother,guide…

    wish you a v happy new year.



  9. O what a lovely Thank You Note!!
    Brother! Le’me aSSURE u this tht U DO DESERVE it ALlll!!!
    U deserve evry guud thng in LIfe..
    evry hAPPINESS
    U R A TRUE INSIPIRATION for me..n for evryone else out there:)
    May God Bless U with a long, happy lyff..:)
    Thank You SO MUch!! 🙂
    Its ALl My PLeasuree!!


  10. Hey Bhai…I am glad that almighty gave us such a wonderful Bhai…Who is there for soooo many people…The poem is absolutelyyy wonderful and although i dunt understand poems well…This one is soooo sweet…Hope u always keep smiling

    P.S.I am not calling amby by her name *baby*..So kindly sambhal lena…=))


  11. Bhaskar I am so touched to see this note. The poem is for ever classy. Sweet indeed! I will pray to the almighty for the bestet time ever for you! God bless you.


  12. nish the hyper :/ hehehe..well the pleasure is all me on this..hyper or still the cutest..sweetest..STRICTEST bro i ever had hehe…hugssssss


  13. A wonderful thank you note,Bhaskar.May God be with u always..I am sure things will go gr8 for u from this yr onwards 🙂


  14. A wonderful thank you note,Bhaskar.May God be with u always..I am sure things will go gr8 for u from this yr onwards 🙂


  15. Wish u a belated Happy Birthday and Happy New Year 2010.Sorry Commander for late wishes as i was in Delhi.


  16. Bhai,

    You do have a way with words ,something that almost always leaves me speechless !!! I am yet to talk to you since my return and and am hoping that this birthday you were in one piece and in no hospital bed…hahahahaha… i may be angry at God at times, but one thing I will always be thankful for – for gifting me a friend cum bhai like you… actually after a month of Hitler’s company i think you are the better bhai… hahahaha…

    May this year work out to be a real bright one for you ……



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