Acharya Bose must be a happy man today!!!

Himesh Reshammiya as Vivaan

While watching Radio, the first thought that came to my mind was – Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose must be thinking how lucky he is not to have been associated with the invention of the instrument Radio. It’s Marconi who would be pointed at and not him when asked about Radio. 😀 Also last heard he is planning for some experiments on – Effects of songs of this RJ in the film, on Plants.

So what can you expect from a movie of Himmy Bhaiya, where he has two amazingly hot girls falling over him, the girls who he rejects and hurts repeatedly!!! But they find him so amazingly attractive in turn that they keep coming back to him. It follows the basic rules of Himesh movies – The protagonist is a superman, he can do any work to his best, every girl who comes close to him falls for him and fights to get him while Himesh is always shown to be looking into the camera slowly and staring.

Meet Himmy Bhaiya as RJ Vivaan, the small town boy turned big city man and also the host of one of the most popular Radio shows on advises, mainly on love life.

Vivaan – Though I give people advice, I am myself the most confusing of them all.

And why is he so confused??

Himmy Bhaiya – You need to watch it and understand the subtle meaning. You know, this movie is so different, just like cool Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

While Kill Bill’s level of cool might seem a little low bar to strive for, the protagonist leaves no real scope for doubt. He has a wife with whom he is going to get divorced.

Wife Pooja – Not because I am hotter and can do better than him.
Vivaan – Yes, it’s because we fight a little, nothing illogical or little sense making like the reason she gave above.

Divorced depressed and two pegs down our RJ now meet another girl – Saniya. Starts now a new love story!!!

Saniya – I am going to hate him first and then love him
Vivaan – But I can’t love her because my divorce has left me bitter and relationship phobic.

Both also get started with a new show together. Finally they decide to record a new album of duet songs. Well then that’s what every Radio star who has no training in singing, is supposed to do when they go big. His ex-wife is enlisted as the choreographer of the album.

Wife – This can get really awkward
Saniya – Right, because we both love him
Saniya – What do you miss most in Vivaan (cough?)
Vivaan – Not cool, not cool!!!

On another occasion –

Wife – Are you both like buddies buddies??

The album becomes a hit as usual. So what if the songs have been giving the advertisement for Krackjack biscuits with lyrics saying how love is just like the biscuits, little sweet and little salty.

Saniya finally decides to leave Vivaan and gives her million dollar advice on love in her last Radio show. “If you find someone who doesn’t love you back, better to leave him with his love and move on to find our own. We should not block his way. And if nothing else, you should go and have some Kurkure”.

To summarise the movie on Facebook!!!!

1.    Bhaskar Thakur joined the group – those two hours of my life, which I’m never going to get back.
2.    Director Radio joined the group – I placed products in my movie & was subtle about it.
3.    Vivaan is in relationship with Saniya
4.    Pooja joined the group – I am just “Buddies” buddies with my ex-husband
5.   Vivaan is in relationship which is extremely complicated.
6.   Bhaskar Thakur became a fan of Vivaan.
7.   Bhaskar Thakur is recuperating after watching Radio.

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8 thoughts on “Acharya Bose must be a happy man today!!!

  1. I feel for you. Heard you had to go through this 2 hour long advertisements marathon just to kill time. Haha.


  2. wow bhaskar i wish there were some emoticons here on ur blog

    and i dont understand the xhtml thing which comes above the comments

    and mera to sar chakra gaya

    hehe another good laugh riot

    i only liked himmy’s
    jhalak dikhla jaa ek baar aajaa aaja aa jaa


  3. I always knew you were brave…..just didn’t expect this extent of bravery. You should be given a medal.

    I am so sorry that you lost those two hours……my condolences.


  4. Nice writeup. Though I cannot watch Himesh Films or hear Himesh Songs for more than 5 minutes….I feel this RADIO film is different from his other films. Sincerely speaking, songs were good(Teri Meri Dosti, Janeman..were really Non-Himesh Type songs. Whatever, whatever be said about Himesh ..he is a self made person..more than that Persistent person..who never gives up…he can be tolerable if he stops thinking he is new day’s Leanoardo Da Vinci. He should only concentrate on the things he is good at and can be good at :). Btw Mrs.Shergil is a good actress…she did awesome job in Hotel Kingston which was aired in Star One…long long ago….the makers of RADIO film should have made a sensible film with a sensible story with this decent actor Shergil.


  5. Shantanu – No yaar not just to kill time, but to Killtime and also have fun at the cost of Himmy Bhaiya. =))

    Rest others – Yes I seriously can say, it needs loads of guts to sit and go through the whole movie. =)) But we had one superb humour guy with us, who made our task easy. For every other scene on Himmy, he would pass some Title. Not just us but even others sitting around us would go into a fit of laughter. It was actually more fun than torture. =))


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