Some Myths about Babies!!!

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Few of my best friends are simply crazy about babies. They just have to lay their eyes on a tiny squealing baby and you can see them undergo a complete transformation, quite like the Hulk. But with a difference, the Hulk turned green and wicked when angry but they turn jelly kneed and moist eyed when they are gripped with baby blues. I for one like babies but holding them, sorry!! I have loads of question mark on their real state of brains.

There are two big myth – Babies are “Innocent” and Babies sleep like “Angels”. They are NOT!!!! Let me put down my “Observations” and “Explanations” followed by “Conclusions”.

Observations and Explanations:

1. A Baby can smell “Fear”. Yes friends, they can smell easily when you are scared. And make sure to take advantage of it when they see the same. S/he will give out tiny shrill cry to signal his on coming assault.

2. Probability of a Baby soiling or wetting your clothes increases by 100% when his mother declares – I have changed his nappy a minute ago so stay assured he won’t soil your clothes.

3. The probability of soiling/wetting increases by 200% when the above statement is accompanied by Mom not giving you a blanket to hold the Baby.

4. In both the above two cases you need to watch the Baby’s face carefully and you will see the glint in his eyes just before committing the acts.

5. Get into an animated discussion after the Baby goes off to sleep. The baby manages to sleep whilst his Mom puts forth her point of view but starts bawling JUST when you try to make your point. The whole family looks at you accusingly whilst you try to scribble your observations.


1. No, they aren’t as innocent as they look. In fact they are the most intelligent beings on the planet. The baby definitely knows when the most damage can be done and strikes at the strategic time. Now that isn’t innocent is it?? (I at times wonder where does this cunning intelligence disappears as we grow up.)

2. Babies sleep like angels but to give advantage to his mother over you, will make sure to bawl at the appropriate time. Now this can never be called as “Angel-Sleeping”.





12 thoughts on “Some Myths about Babies!!!

  1. its only when they grow up they become shaitans and we end up wishing they remained babies to achha tha hehee


  2. Lots of hugs!!!

    LOL! Oh come on! Babies can also bring you joy and a cause to live your life, especially when you need it. But this is very funny. I like it.

    Tell me one thing, why are you after vulnerable creatures called babies?


  3. Om y goodness.Thats another laughing riot BT.hehehe.

    Where do u get these ideas.

    Babies are cute too, loving adoring but yes agree to the soiling part of yours.haha. That really happens.


  4. Hehehheheh BB how do you everytime come up with these things=))

    Babies are surely cute,innocent,angel……………………..
    For eg. Check my display pic..;)) Dont you agree the girl in it is soooo sooo soo innoseeennntt:P

    and I’m sure when you were a kid you were a REAL devil…abi yeh haal hai..toh imagine bachpan mei kaise thay hoge=))=))


  5. Hahahahahaha kya baat hay.Brilliant but yaar why after those cute ones.

    Though cant disagree to all the points mentioned. 😉


  6. Hahahahaha Bhai i agree they surely have a spark in the eyes when they are gonna wet u 😛 😛

    @Amby-Now u are openly agreeing tht u are a baby :D…Bhai pls note


  7. Oh yes Anku. Thanks for pointing this out. Amby you yourself now agree that you are a baby. Hahahahaha.

    @Nehadi – These vulnerable “Creatures” are deadly when it comes to soiling your clothes.

    They are all cute and adorable but as long as they are with their Mom’s. Take them and you’ll realise how true all these points are. =))


  8. My nephews and niece ragged me a lot(even now they are ragging me)…they and their acts are highly unpredictable…I still remember how my niece used to land on my lap and wet my clothes only when she had to do that wetting job :). My brother used to is more powerful than Gomutra..and used to ask me feel privilaged for having such opportunity 😛


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