Can a Monday be more bad!!!!


Saturday Morning.

Trying to wrap up the pending stuff, for a change planning to take a break during weekend and go out somewhere on Sunday.

Yahoo Messenger Window appears on screen! XYZ calling…

The outer self (OS) – NOOO!! Not now!!! Should I reply back!!! Or should I not!!!
The inner self (IS) – You were supposed to go early Bhaskar 🙂
OS – Come on, it won’t take more than 5 minutes. It’s just a simple and innocent follow up call.
IS – You kidding me no!!!
OS – Its recession time. Not a good idea to ignore when opportunity is knocking your door.

OS wins!!

XYZ – Hey Bhaskar, what’s up? Hope I am not disturbing you on a weekend.
Me – Its okay, I am in office anyways.
XYZ – Great. I won’t take much time of yours, it’s just that I presented the proposal your Pune team sent, to the management and they are asking for some more details. Something more solid!
Me – And that is?
XYZ – Well, some kind of project plan, your suggestions to improve the overall productivity, how can you add value to the project, things like that. You know the typical management stuff to shut them up.
Me – And you don’t need it now, right?
XYZ – Ah, not now, I understand its weekend, but we are looking forward to make a decision by Monday, so some thing by Monday morning our time.


OS – Bad!!
IS**Evil laugh** Don’t blame me sweetheart.
OS – Will you keep your mouth shut?
IS – Whatever, it’s your life, your weekend.

Spent the whole evening working on relationship diagrams, flow charts, a brief presentation and Nth number of other supporting documents!!! Can’t let my company down and let the project go out of our hands. Recession time then!!

Sunday Evening

In office. Trying to work on the document when my friend Subrat makes an appearance on YM.

Me – Argh!

We start chatting. After an hour…

Subrat – ok bye then, bohat time kharab kar liya. Chal document bana le ab tu aram se.

Me – 🙂

Sunday Night

Finished the stuff, clubbed everything. Trying to clean up the extra files…

Being an IT Professional, speed is the key. And we don’t believe in deleting the files via Recycle Bin. It has to be wiped out.

So Shift + Delete.

Like they say! Speed thrills… but kills… and very next moment.


:O :O :O !!!!!!!!

Now what??? Remember, recession time. It has to go tonight. Monday is already jammed so no use postponing it.

Sunday midnight

Finished again… Reviewed carefully… Sent email!

Somehow crawled to car and drove home.

Monday, 6.00 AM.

First thing I open my mail box as soon as I am up. And there’s a New Mail from XYZ

Dear BT

Thanks a lot for your intensive proposal and project plan. We really appreciate the efforts you have put in to work on this but I am afraid, management has decided to go ahead with a local company from US.

Thanks again for your time and we look forward to work with you in future.




YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





8 thoughts on “Can a Monday be more bad!!!!

  1. Hehehehe!

    Maybe one can look back and have a little laugh over it… but man, in all seriousness, there is a strong correlation between annoying things like this happening, and increases in murder rates.

    To have to draw up tons of reports and diagrams once is bad enough… but to have to do it TWICE… man, I can only imagine what the frustration must have been like! hehehe.

    Anyways, I truly believe that better things happen to those who keep continuing with even more INTENSITY than before. Last September, I kept getting turned down for jobs which were paying X amount… and so I started applying for jobs that paid double that amount. hehehe. Now I’m glad that I didn’t get those initial jobs 😀

    God bless.


  2. oh great god its almost like u blew up C drive once and went and tried to get those files back.. sheesh
    but again there must be better things coming ur way thats why it happend

    if i were u i wud be screaming my head off



    It sucks !!!! big time….. cheer up….. and next time ….. hehehehehe…what?


  4. Sorry but me laughing loud thakurrrrrrr!
    I warned you not to do it
    pune office walo ko de na tha karne


  5. Awwww..i understand bhai..been there happened exactly like that to me before..!! *hugsss*

    Since it started off “bad”’ll end on a “good” note…keep the spirit going bhai! 😀



  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……………this sucks!!!

    Bhaskar, these US guys, they just take so much headache we Indians do. AND they think nothing of saying ‘NO’. Use the word whenever you have to, trust me, though they don’t expect it from the Indians, they understand and respect it if you stick to it.


  7. oh never mind this bhaiji one day all your hardwork is gonna pay you back and that time xyz person’s company shall regret:)


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