My Work is Everything

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This post is a dedication on my behalf to all those who believe work is their religion and they live only for work, rest everything in the world should be trashed out from their own life. =))

For me my work is everything
It makes me feel elated and give the added zing
It involves loads of passion
But does not need any emotion

My career has no time
For spending on entertainment a dime
Important is loving the inside of my brain
Rather than some beautiful dame.

My suitcase
The black solid one
Yes that catches everyone’s eyes
But I let them know politely, No.

Oh and my beautiful home
Spending many nights alone
With my business of course
Yes its the corner office, don’t I belong!!

My friend, wait or is it my Gardener,
Likes to ask how long Ive been up
I give her a deathly look
That makes sure to shut her up.

I mean with my calender
Filled with my job,
I’d rather type and count
Set and fill out.

So best to keep away from all fun and frill
Instead do the things I need to fulfill.





11 thoughts on “My Work is Everything

  1. hmm kya main bolun

    its funny but work work work
    man i told u the song that fits u best if u were married

    but i like ur write ups


  2. Errrmmm it was me who asked you in the morning about how long you have been up
    so….errmmmm…are you confusing me with your gardener?

    Good one BT.This fits you aptly.hehe.


  3. Hahahaha that fits few of us to the core.

    And Laks if you have asked that question, then it was a sin as far as workaholics are concerned. hahahaha.


  4. Hahaha….a good one. Like the sentence ‘we are just good friends’ even this one – ‘man, i am too busy to join you’ has become cliched. people have started taking it as an excuse and get angry…..


  5. I bet your gardener to whom you give a deathly look is also a workholic like you…afterall you all belong to the garden of Insufferable Indian Tribe(IIT) 🙂


  6. hahahahahahaha
    prasannaji that was good one
    iitians are really suffering from workholism
    me included…hahaha.


  7. Thank God… I was really worried if you all people get angry for that IIT thing. I always admire and respect all IITians who are used to hard work right from their 10th standard..they all stay in INTERTIA OF WORK/STUDY for almost all the life time… Newton’s first law of motion can be aptly said to workaholic people…A person who is in the state of workaholism continues to be in that state of workkaholism unless and until acted upon by an EXTERNAL FORCE to change that state of workaholism… completes the Law of workoholism 🙂
    Prasanna Rayaprolu


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