Universal Children’s Day – The division among Children

Today 20th Nov is Universal Children’s Day. A day to celebrate childhood and to mark the day lot of activities are done for the children around the globe. But there is a section who usually get deprived of basic needs which many others receive.

Where some would get delicacies to eat, there are many who just manage to get food after washing dishes of others.

One section of children have a house to stay and feel the warmth & cosiness, but some just manage to get a roof after working in construction of such a house.

Some go to school everyday in rickshaw while there are many who have never been inside the school, they pull the others to school and makes sure they reach in time.

One group of children makes sure to reach school today to take part in all activities in best possible uniforms and sparkling shoes, while there are few who will sit on roadside today to polish the shoes to make sure they don’t go hungry.

Some make sure to play with the football every evening, while there are many who have no time to play. They have to make these balls for other kids and get the chance to help his family earn few extra bucks.

Today on this Universal Children’s Day let us give some thought to these underprivileged children. Child Labour is banned everywhere including India. With the level of corruption prevalent, Rules or Acts alone will never help. Its we who need to wake up now and think for their betterment. Just saying NO to Child labour won’t help. They need to be given proper benefits, guidance and care so that they can be turned into good citizens. Else the chances of them turning into Juvenile Delinquents is more.





14 thoughts on “Universal Children’s Day – The division among Children

  1. Good post bro..
    infact today i had to wait at signalso was looking around as usual šŸ™‚ lekin saw a 7-8 year girl holding 1 year baby in her hand… i was thinking why people use such small kids.. just coz no one is there to guide them hey are misguided in really in wrong way.

    Hope Govt take strong and necessary action and try to stop child labour and help such kinds to a way where they can see there good future..


  2. Good Post! Very much needed for us all. Responsibility is upon us too on the matter. We first need to stop such labors ourselves and if find any, make sure to put a stop. Leaving it upon the govt won’t help.


  3. agree BT…it is we who need to wake up
    If all of us who have good earning make up our mind to finance one such kid
    things can change


  4. wonderful post. Children always touch my heart. If every person can share even a small part of their earning to help children in need, the world can be a better place for those kids.


  5. Very touching! But so true. Like ahmed even I get the same thoughts. Why use these small kids? They get aged early and the childhood gets lost.


  6. Really nice post!!!

    Never knew about the Universal Children’s Day. More than the kind of comfort level the kids get, its the basic necessities which needs to be met and most importantly its education.. If the well off parents can contribute even a little, education can be provided to all the under privileged kids!!!


  7. Thanks everyone.

    @Anitha – Made the change.

    @Kamal – Thanks can you pass the link to BlogCampers. I could not get anyone online.


  8. Wonderful post bhai..Especially the contrast u have shown thru the pictures..Surely forces one to think how we are having such an amazing life and on the other side so many are having a totally deprived life..

    The people of India have to stand for such children so that we are truly a developed nation..


  9. excellent post bro, the contrast between standards of living is evident through the pictures… it’s time we stood up for those kids


  10. very nice thought provoking post

    i always wonder why these things r happening

    contrast is very good

    thanks for sharing this


  11. very nice post and yet very distressing. the comarison is indeed strong to revive some sentiments, facts many take in life for granted.I wish a day really comes when no kid will curse himself for being born, when no kid will have to give up his childhood to get two meals a day. It can happen, only if each individual who can afford starts thinking beyond his/her extravagant needs, when the charitable organisations really deliver all the money to the rightful recipients.


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