If I promise to miss you, will you go away and leave me alone??

This is a plan I had in mind for long now – To start on regular basis a Guest Post. And here is the first one of the same. This post is a collection of thoughts of three friends, Ahmed Bhaijaan, myself and Adi.

“If I promise to miss you, will you go away  and leave me alone???? “

Have you ever felt like telling this to some at any time of your life? I know it sounds  rude but there comes a time when you can’t take any more and at any cost really want to have some space. But there are some who won’t let you, not when you request them, not when you try to be aloof, not even when you have gone miles away from them. They are always following you like a spy satellite monitoring your every motions. They are  so obsessed with you that they just can’t leave you alone and it is at those times you realize how crowded your life can get!!!

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There any many human beings obsessed with something or the other!!! People  obsessed with some personal stuff seems to be fine up to some extent  but when it comes to their obsession for person(s), then what can be done? Should they be ignored, should we run away from them, or go into deep hibernation until after eternity? If yes, then what is the limit because the more we ignore them, they feel that we are weak and they continue to haunt you and invade your privacy. When I asked a friend,  my friend suggested to slap such obsessed people real hard!!! The logic being – in  the obsessed persons  mind there is a chemical imbalance and may be after getting some real tight slaps, the chemical balance will work itself out and he/she will become normal!!!

You know obsession can make one immediately blame the person they are obsessed with, for every little thing that happens to them!!! whether they don’t like the food, or they slipped in the washroom or the dog bit them or they suffered a loss in business or the share market crashed – blame it all on that  “person” !!! they spend more time thinking/cursing the person that they forget they have their own lives to live as well !!!

To explain this in  more detail – imagine you have some great friends and one obsessed person. The obsessed one  will immediately feel frustrated that you have such good friends and instead of  trying to figure out why he or she lacks them, will be too busy to haunt you and trying to find out ways to break  them apart from you !!!! One can’t even imagine up to what low level they can stoop  to  have things their way. They can cross any limit so much so that they  won’t think twice to invade your privacy by hook or by crook. In earlier times  such people used to rob letters but now they hack email accounts !!!. people suffering from obsession either directly or  through some other willing person look into others personal stuff such as Private Mail, chat logs done with friend etc etc

They think they are doing something smart, and no one can catch them, but is that really the case? An ostrich hides its head in the sand and feels it is hidden, but the truth of the matter is – the body of the ostrich gives it away…. !!!!  and, then what? What  self respect are they left with …or are they so obsessed that their  self respect means nothing to them?


12 thoughts on “If I promise to miss you, will you go away and leave me alone??

  1. Bhaijaan, great topic !

    One message to send such losers…. GET LOST !!!!

    why would anyone want to waste so much of time chasing someone else to the extent of going and trying to reach personal documents, when that time could be used fruitfully doing something useful. At the end of it… what do they gain? NOTHING !!!! the one who loses the most is the obsessed character – for (s)he loses face, loses confidence,and above all loses credibility. and in a person what can be more precious than credibility?????

    All I can say is shame, shame


  2. great idea BB. Excellent post Ahmed, some people lead such sad, pathetic lives, pity them. Obsession has no end at times, I believe in going into what you call ”deep hibernation” we have to make sacrifices if we do that but at least we’re away from ”the person” protected by a cocoon…


  3. Bhaskar Bhaiyya
    well written!!! as Always

    Adi Bhai
    am with You …GET LOST is the word

    and abt why waste time on this? …well this might give them some sort of pleasure. For us its waste of time but for them its a fruitful business by ruining others happiness n peace. I would just tell them “Get Well Soon ….”


  4. guest user or what i dont see my name there when i post comment dont know what u did with that

    khair coming to ur post

    there r ppl who r like tht ans solution is what u gave in ur post
    get lost is the ans and stay away
    pathetic ppl who dont hv anything else to do in life

    get a life tell them

    as always good post


  5. BB, Adi, Ahmed. Beautiful Post.

    Agree with the above posters, they should GET LOST and GET WELL SOON, but i just wonder if this illness is treatable or not.

    I guess they get their daily dose of insulin doing such things, and its true Self-Respect means nothing to them.

    Hope God always protect you and everyone from such people, they are a disgrace.


  6. Author have already made the issues clear.Yes the word for them is get lost! Do better work than geting into such activities.


  7. Only one thing to say to these people : Live and Let Live!

    How about concentrating on your own life rather on others.There’s nothing to gain with such actions.Its a sure shot sign of a looser and nothing short!

    Such guys should be ashamed of themselves.


  8. Nice post Bro…

    Actually such people are so disgusting and frustated that even you tell one day ke i am happy or just give a sweet smile… they will stop there work and start thinking and searching the reason why you are happy today..

    need to deal with such guys is difficult coz we know our line of dignity and we are not like them to behave like them..

    i read this line some where…

    Fighting with a pig is waste of time coz later you will realize ke we are getting dirty and pig is really enjoying…


  9. My hair just stood on end reading this. This is a great post and most of us do indeed are victims to such obsession and harrassment. Even if we go in hiding or try to become invisible on a particular site, we are stalked as every move of ours is watched, esp. if its via the internet. Being nice doesnot help neither does ignoring such a person. I think one eventually learns from one’s past and becomes more cautious in dealing with such person/s.


  10. Oh man! I am so with you on this! Desis, generally, have no clue what personal space is all about. Additionally, they totally overlook the distinction between a close friend and a mere acquaintance. It is so frustrating to deal with such folks day in and day out – especially, if you happen to be the kind who can’t break anyone’s heart.


  11. hmm…What should i say!!!!!!! your words are perfect..your expression of frustration is immaculate! i want to see the POWER OF GOD now! thats my concluding lines 🙂


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