India Australia ODI-2009 – My five point Take


India-Australia ODI 2009

1. Where do we really stand.

We were very close to become the number one ODI team, but fact is after this series its clear we have too many fundamental problems to claim that we deserve the top post. And Australia showed us where exactly we stand when it comes to defining the criteria for excellence when it comes to this sport – Depth of Talent. This Ausie team is a pale shadow of earlier one’s and so many top players out of service due to rotten run of injuries. Yet players like Bollinger who are maybe second or third choice, could play match winning innings that too in different conditions and very less preparations. And India could not recover from the absence of just one player – Zaheer Khan.

2. Lack of Basic Skills

That was another domain where the Indian team got exposed, the basic skill mainly on running between wickets and fielding. I was under the impression this got over with likes of Ganguly out of the team!!! Fielding part is better not even commented upon, Dhoni himself has confessed too!!! On filed Sehwag was moving as if he was taking some afternoon stroll. I am sure even Kim Sharma would hit the stumps more often than Yuvraj Singh. And please lets not say “They are not so young anymore” because it was worth looking at likes of Ponting and Hussey, who maintained a very high standard of fielding. The problem has nothing to do with age but the attitude which most of our cricketers go through “We are seniors, we can take it easy”.

3. Harbhajan – Whats wrong??

Harbhajan’s batting has improved there’s no doubt but currently he is a big time weakness for the team. Guwahati track was a total spin track and Indian batsmen had failed. This was the time when we can depend upon our spinners. But when it came for Dhoni to turn to his main strike bowler here, he turned to Jadeja and not Bhajji. And throughout the innings it was Jadeja who looked dangerous. Though Bhajji got two wickets and Jadeja nill, but he not once looked would run through the Ausie side. How I was thinking about that tall bespectacled man Kumble that day!!! So many times when Indian batsmen failed and the pitch was a turning one, he would give his heart out and fall wickets one by one. He may not get us victory every time, but we always had hope as long he was there.

4. Dhoni’s biggest blunder

It was Guwahati and a must win match. It was an early morning start, Guwahati was under fog and Australia there with its pacers. Dhoni wins the toss and decides to bat first. I do not know why he thought that batting first would be less risky than chasing on a pitch which would spin later and where the opponent bowling attack did not consist of Mendis and Murali but Hauritz and Vosges.

Well I seem to wonder if Dhoni has anything different to say or act upon. Seem to be hearing a lot of ‘ bowling failed’, ‘ top order failed’ and other such stuff from him. But what about the captain?? Is he above all??

5. Alls well that ends well.

When its the “Right” teams playing and given the “Right” timing (remember this is the holiday season) even ODI’s can pull crowds and also mint money no less than what T-20 games does. 😉


******A combined thought of myself, bangboy & Nirupam********



9 thoughts on “India Australia ODI-2009 – My five point Take

  1. Yes bro…

    it was such a sad event :((
    Fielding is poor.. stopping one with stretching dive and letting 3 go between your legs doesnt mean u are good fielder…

    Jadeja was playing Bhajji’s role and bhajji of jadeja..

    Indian teams seems more like Ram gopal varma’s movies if 1 gets hit out of 5 means we are best..some times i feel being in top 3 credit doesnt goes to india it goes to 8th,9th & 10th place coz they might be stopping 5th,6th &7th place team from climbing up !!!

    India has the best batting in the world but counts when thep play…bowling is too weak.. Zaheer needs to be back..

    i still have that confidence that they can rock the world.. lekin yeh guarantee nahi hai how long they can play as champions..

    chalo jo bhi ho acha ho..Sri lanka is coming… if this series slips then dhoni is gonna slip from BCCI’s mind 😉

    Yeh bhadaas nikaal ne ke chakkar mein post lamba hogaya..hmmm


  2. sorry to say except Sachin Tendulkar nowadays no one seems to be playing cricket for country…IPL spoiled them…..


  3. I thought that the whole point of having the IPL was to give new cricketers a chance to get acquainted with world class cricket. But which new players has the IPL discovered? Instead we have the same old tired faces who have lost their hunger for success and are too comfortable in the team to put in any effort.


  4. I was left open mouth when I saw Dhoni opting to bat.I knew then we have lost the series.That was harakiri! Does he even know his players capability?


  5. Never knew that I will miss Kumble so much. When anyone talks of commitment and determination, I just feel like pointing them to Kumble.

    Why was not Sehwag used as a bowler in this series? Yusuf Pathan needs to be groomed better than just throwing him away.
    Bhajji should be dropped. He has forgotten that a spinner is supposed to flight the ball sometimes too. Ashwin looks like a good prospect.

    Great analysis BT. Claps!!


  6. It really was sad affair.

    Why is it that at times the players are oblivious to things, when even public can see things clearly…? that decision to bat – wonder what was the reasoning behind that?

    I hope there was no match fixing anywhere !!!!!


  7. Inconsistency is what defines the current Youngistan team. Blame it on IPL or whatever, it looks like we are going back to the dark old ages otherwise known as the early 90’s.


  8. it was overall failure performance by india team, 2-1 series lead i thought and knowing that australia losing first team players thru injuris india never took he advantage….i hope they have learn more from this series..i wud luv if they recall rahul dravid..atleast india need3=4 senor players in the current team


  9. I don’t know whats wrong …. And where things are’nt working for them …. I just hope they get in form soon ……


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