The Fantastic Invention


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Hi Friends, this post is more for my dear friend Sanjay, who deals with Intellectual Property Rights and its patenting.

Well Sanjay dear, I am hereby going to inform you about an extremely valuable invention that needs to be immediately patented so that few of us can live well rest of our lives.

As usual inventions happen when you least expect them. They say “Necessity is the Mother of all inventions.”  You probably already know the importance of Mothers. We won’t be here without them. So we must Credit all Moms when we patent this invention. In this particular case it is Bobby who was left with me by Ranjana and you. So, you get credit as well for your part in this endeavor.

Let me describe the situation. In this case I was the only person involved. No one else was watching. In fact that created the necessity. Sanjay and his beloved wife decided to go for a walk and get fresh air on the banks of Ganges early morning yesterday. How do I make them get that its no fresh air but they’ll be inhaling smogs and thus loose few days from their life. Anyways lets get down to the incident.

Now they have a cute eight month old kid. How can then he be taken for this walk!!! And before I could realise or even react, I found myself standing in my room with the kid and the parents leaving with a broad smile waving me besides assuring me not to worry as “Bobby bahut shaant hai”.

I put down the baby on my bed and then started our game of staring. Both looking at each other trying to gauge the other. Finally I won with the baby closing his eyes and falling off to sleep. I was relieved and prayed he never gets up till his parents are back. But as they say “Man Proposes and God Disposes”. He was up in an hours time and his parents decided to have some extra fill of smog.

Now comes the important part. The Baby suddenly starts screaming. Nothing was helping so I sent a sms to my friend. His wife called me and heard what was happening. I get the solution to stop this screaming. “No he is not hungry dear, just change his diapers and he’ll be the happy baby again”. **GULP** Do I need to explain what was going in my mind after hearing this!!!!

This appears to be a simple task and was told also by Ranjana so. But come now, I have never done this type of work in the past. I got one diaper out of the bag the Mom had left with me and laid it on the bed. It appeared to be duck soup. Until I opened up the diaper!!! Ranjana always buys top of the line hardware. Nothing wrong with the equipment. The only deficiency is in the fact that it does not have markings to clarify positive from the negative. I examined it carefully. I checked the length, breadth and thickness inch by inch.  Clearly it is designed to be asymmetrical. There must be reason behind that. Lot of scientific analysis of statistical data created this great invention of man.  But there is no marking for positive and negative like you see in a AAA cell.

I therefore have invented a sign that can be incorporated at appropriate places on the diaper to make it idiot proof. I suggest that you patent this post haste.

Or be ready to face me for making me go through all this!!!!





12 thoughts on “The Fantastic Invention

  1. hahhah hahaha bhaskar u r too much but i can imagine u making faces of all sorts trying to find the ans

    too good


  2. Hahahaha ROFL ROFL!!!

    I am laughing and laughing.Sanjay great job!

    Whose idea was this to leave bobby with him, yours or Ranju’s?


  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    I was 100% sure God would listen to me and give you a first hand experience of handling the kid =))

    BTW – The picture posted is the replica of your reaction or the baby’s?? For me it seems more to be yours.. 😛 Now that you have the experience, we surely can expect your friend to leave the baby with you on regular basis!!!


  4. BT I cant tell you how grateful we both are for the big social service you did for us 😉
    Agree for one more sitting and will file the patent.Promise. 😛



    Bhai…..that awesome…
    Sanjay bhai….Bro needs change from work…

    So plz let the sweet boy for 1-2 days…

    best of luck bro…


  6. was smiling through out Bhaskar. Really funny and well written. BTW, get your patent done soon..ideas get copied easily 😉


  7. Hahahahaha…bus yeh din dekhna hi baaki tha…. I wonder what the kid has to say about the experience !!!!! hehehehehehe


  8. @ Sanjay – I am not going to stay anywhere near you when you are with that baby of yours. =))

    This was one of the most bhayanak experience of mine.

    Yes Anitha, few idiots like me can get huge help from this =)) It took me full 15 minutes to get the work done and all the time that baby went on crying. =))


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