Need Answers to Some Important Questions of Daily Life

virus21So me back again after the short break. From last couple of days, I am almost bed ridden and thus nothing productive to do, apart from devising some really ridiculous plans like inventing a motor driven embedded system which can be plugged in to USB port and LCD of your laptop and then scrolling the mouse wheel will allow the user to flip up and down the LCD. Or some motor driven robot who can get me instant coffee just by reading my mind. Oh yes also coughing like a 90 year old who has smoked like a chimney for the whole life and cursing few of the really insignificant entities created by almighty, while realising they are NOT INSIGNIFICANT!!!

All this started as an innocent looking cough and cold which soon became a cannibal while eating up all of my energy. On top of that, every body was like, its just a cold and running nose, why the hell are you sticking to bed. If only I could exchange half of my running nose with them.

To justify the title of post, my question is, why this cold and cough virus was created in first place. If it was supposed to be JUST cold, then it should have some decent effects on poor human beings like me, and if it was supposed to be this horrible, then God should have put in some more sympathy in to the other persons’ hearts. But more than that, can God PLEASE explain what is the use of these Cold Viruses?? What significant role do they play in this “Vishal Bhumandal”.

The next question is, what is the significance of mosquitoes on this earth? When in school times, the old bio teacher used to tell us that every creature on this planet has some important role to play and one way or another they are doing it without even our knowing. But still, WHY mosquitoes? What role they have to play here. Mr. Darwin, are you listening? I want my answer now otherwise I am gonna put a counter theory on “Origin of Species”. Told you, I have nothing better and productive to do these days. 😀


P.S. – These are also my Million …..fill in the blank…. Question for God. Anyone who get to know about the currency thats used in Heaven do let me know so that I can fill the blank part.





8 thoughts on “Need Answers to Some Important Questions of Daily Life

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha………. great questions ! I dont have to deal with the mosquito…but the cold bug has killed me too….visited hell and am waiting to get back to earth….!!!! Along with these questions on top, there are some more from me – why injections????? why are cures always so painful? why do doctors think the way they do and who understands them? why can’t i get along with them? why do they always say unwanted things? am i crazy or they are?

    When u send the petition… add these too…. hehehehehe


  2. Hahahaha awesome!

    Welcome back.Missed you and now can hav fun together.Check out with Sumedha and Prateek.They are planning some activity.


  3. =)))=)))=)))

    Brilliant questions. One more. What significant role to Bed bugs play.And our IIT hostel beds had too many of them. Hahaha.


  4. Hahahahahaha!!

    What do you mean what role mosqitoes play!!

    You mean to put 3rd of bed netting, half the antibiotic, and all the malaria related medicine business out of buiness for ever???


  5. These questions are more tough than asked in exam..LOL..!! aahh dont unoe cold and mosquitoes are my life..Icant live without them nor they can live without me…!!Half of my blood is eaten by those lil monsters…(vampires ki toh yahan zarurat hee nahi hai..)and half of the energy taken by the cold..sneezing!! sneezing..!!you got a temp cold..think about me im allergic to dust,water,ac..etc etc things..!! i cant sleep with ac on and by mistake if i do then the very nxt morning i start sneezing..!!!

    bhai we have a good place reserved for us in hell..!!LOL..!!


  6. oh god the things u come up with bhaskar this is too funny

    ok i got a question why do headaches occur why do things happen the way they do and why does bhaskar come up with a wacko question hehe

    good one hope u r feeling much better now


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