International Cricket finally turns Gully Cricket

Champions Trophy or Gully Cricket??

I agree I am more a fan of Football than cricket but I am surprised to find that I have never been so much disinterested in the cricket that is being offered now from past few weeks.

Yes Champions League is on and I don’t even care what is happening. Not that I never tried to follow. The rules being followed regarding the Team Memberships are so blurred that I was put off. Now say there’s Duminy representing a team from South Africa, is also from Mumbai Indians. And presently both the Teams are playing for the trophy. Kallis plays for Bangalore but his fellow national Gibbs though belongs to Deccan Chargers, is playing for a different franchise of own country. Same goes for David Warner too. He is representing New South Wales, so now say if Delhi Daredevils had moved forward but not NSW, then do have get to see him now playing for Delhi Daredevil???

Agreed in IPL too the national boundaries are all blurred but atleast they have a fixed allocation. The players be it from any country, have a fixed team but that is not the case here. Any player can change his team if the team he is playing for gets rooted out from the tournament. Its like Beckham during his Real Madrid days suddenly found to play for Man United just because RM had not qualified for it.

After going through the whole set up I found this form of cricket is more like our Gully Cricket. The big bullies would be captains, do a toss (usually done by guessing correctly if  the opposing captain has the pebble in his right or left hand) and then alternately pick players based on strengths, so that every afternoon the composition of teams would be different. Of course the Champions League lacks the joy of breaking glass or getting shouted at by some “chachi” for putting the ball in her cow-shed hitting one cow (not our fault that it is straight in the mid-wicket region where all cross-batted hoicks go).

We never used to feel sad when our team lost. But should we??? Because there was no “My Team” since if I was in “Suresh Bhai”’s team today I would be in “Pappubhai”s team tomorrow and in “Tinkubhai”s team day-after-tomorrow on Wednesday (Pappubhai had maths tuition on Wednesday afternoon and does not play). The only thing that made me sad was if I did not get my batting, especially after having made to fetch the ball from some far off field.

I would think that with cricket being reduced to “Gully Cricket” in terms of team loyalty, thanks to the money-sharks at the ICC and BCCI and the proliferation of tournaments like the Champions League, its useless blaming the players for not feeling too distraught at a defeat.

After all is not the “Indian team” yet another “club side” since BCCI argue that the “Indian team” represents a private entity and not the nation!!!

Originally written @ IIT blog by Bangboy, Arijit and myself




5 thoughts on “International Cricket finally turns Gully Cricket

  1. And not to forget the money involved in these leagues is spoiling the young generation cricketers as well.Even if they don’t perform they are assured of the money!!


  2. Well all I have to say is this club-based tournament model is killing the way I used to enjoy my cricket. Players were closely associated with the team and so were the spectators with both players and team. I cheered for a team as well as its players.

    This whole ‘one player in many club’ mode is hazing out my interest to follow anyone or any team. This will one day sure result in me cheering, if at all, just for a club and no player as such.


  3. You are spot on BT. Club loyalties wouldn’t prosper without player loyalties. For the same reason I don’t think the CLT20 would ever reach the heights of UEFA champions league for there is hardly any room for home and away matches in the cricket calender. Besides football is driven mainly by club matches, and the occasional world cup/euro/copa/whatever.

    And look at what we have, a world cup every year!!!


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