Core Management Lessons to be learned from kids

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Motherhood is tough!!!! Aryan is crossing all limits!!! These are the cries I heard today morning when I spoke to my friend/colleague Apra after Brushing, Flossing and Swishing the mouthwash (the death potion) in my teeth TWICE as ordered by the dentist.

After Aryan-Gatha got over (which mind you all lasted for full one hour) and I sat down with my cup of morning coffee and newspaper, I realised how the kids are getting trained in few Core Management Concepts at such a tiny age. Let me share them all with you, if only I could share the tummy ache I got during that hour long Aryan-Gatha.

1. Kids lock themselves in room. But this Aryan, he locked me in the room instead. And eventually let me out himself while getting kudos from his grandparents for knowing how to unlock the doors.

Management Lesson – Outwit your enemy, corner him when no one’s around and then free publicly. You’ll be hailed as the Corporate Hero!!!

2. Aryan is a glutton of mischief, unfortunately not food. When I try to feed him, he takes the matters in his own tiny hands. Whenever I try to feed him he would cunningly twist my hands to send it to MY mouth instead. Its me who ends up eating the most on his plate!!!!

Management lesson – Floor your aggressor using innocent tricks and make them eat their own humble pie. Deflect all attacks (read attempt to make you work). This is called as the Corporate Maneuvering.

3. You reprimand him and he’ll carry such a sad face around the house while walking just like a Devdas that finally you end up cajoling him with your own heart broken into thousand pieces.

Management Lesson – Let your boss have the first say with your smile and charm, but make sure to have your last say. Fake it. Gain sympathy.

4. Aryan hides things you know, and that too the most important one’s. And when you start looking for them, here he would also join in finding and finally “Locate” it for us while getting praised for his finding skills from all the family members.

Management Lesson – Well I heard the same just two days back from another friend. Little Jr as he was called, had hidden the TV remote among his toys. Well here’s one of the best tricks. Plant an issue in such a way that none can find it initially. Then you yourself find it and gain the credit. Here’s actually an Accounts Director Material for you, Finding Work Extensions for the company.

5. You can see how he is actually the darling of the house. But that does not make him to take steps to conquer others heart. When my father calls and he takes the call, he would act super cool and blase like, panicking my father. He gets the impression that maybe he is not giving his only grandchild the needed attention and so finally ends up asking me to hand over the phone to Aryan.

Management lesson – Well here’s a double bonus for you all. Two lessons he teaches with one act of his. Lesson one, Act cool and indifferent like you don’t give a damn. People would now want to be on your “Priority” list. But do make sure you don’t oversell. Downplay, at times less is more. Now for the second lesson. Even when business is good and you are getting good remunerations in your company never stop looking for new opportunities.

So these were the Core Management Lessons from our future Management Guru, Master Aryan. I am sure there would be too many kids who follow the same. So Mom’s, when you all see them taking such steps, don’t reprimand. They deserve your kudos. End of the day they are actually working towards their future!!!





10 thoughts on “Core Management Lessons to be learned from kids

  1. SO MEAN! BT this is so mean.Here I was pouring my heart out and you even provided me your shoulder.And now you come out supporting that 2 yr old devil.

    SO SO MEAN! You just wait what I do when I catch hold of you.One whole weekend I am going to leave that devil with you.Let me see how you handle his management lessons.

    All things apart….loved reading too. hehehe!


  2. Hahahahahahaahahaha BT this one’s just superb!!!

    Apra bad bad. Back bitting about Aryan. šŸ˜‰


  3. oh man this is hilarious well reminds me of my own kids when they were small now they r allgrown up
    but just have to enjoy thier so innocent tricks and corporate lesson

    oh god bhaskar how do u come up with this

    apra just enjoy aryan tricks hehe


  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha……… Master Aryan is a genious !
    Fabulous management lessons… if only the recession wasn’t hanging such a dagger on the head, would have used one or two tactics from these lessons…. lekin ab courtesy recession, low profile is the only option….hehehehe


  5. Hahaha ROFL

    We need them here now. This is just beyond limit. Beta when you get to handle kids will get to know what all lessons they can teach.

    Brilliant Bhaskar!! Always love reading such creative articles of yours. They cheer me up after days work.


  6. Hahahahahahahaha Awesome Man.

    You are really gifted man.Who would find management lessons even in this.

    Apra get prepared to see the management CEO in your house.


  7. O maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a hillarious post………….
    i am trying to think of small kids as the management gurus…
    i just cant stop laughing hahahaha.


  8. Hahahahahahahaahaa!!! Super!!! This is so so funny!! An bang on target. Indeed, they can be the best best management gururs ever!

    Now you know why some are so successful – they simply enhance their childhood skills and retain them in adulthood!!!


  9. Good list Bhaskar. It can also be scary when we appreciate them on these tasks, they will be ready to take on a bigger task or risk..and that can get scary as a parent at times.

    I really liked the way you have come up with a great explanation on these habits. They are so true.


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