Thanks would be too less on this Thanks Giving Day!!!

Happy Thanks Giving Day to you all

Last few days I have been going on with some really trying time. The period is over, hopefully, but it was not easy getting over it. And when I got back, I found its the Canadian Thanksgiving Day today. I have too many to thank today. My friends, my cute sisters I have in this virtual world (won’t take the names as they are many and all special in their own ways), my colleagues, my cousins, my cute nephew Vivek, who would always cheer me up with his sweet talks, and yes even my boss. I’ll be always grateful to you all for becoming a part of my life, for being there when I needed you and for supporting me whenever I was in despair and in blue.

But today I would like to show my gratefulness one person who stood by me all through this trying period – Minniedi. I won’t say Thank You because those two words are too small, too trifle. I know Didi I have thanked you many times, but this time it means really much more and you know the reasons too.

Words fall short of what you do. You were extremely busy these few days, are even now. But not even once you made me feel alone during these few days. I realise it now how difficult it must have been for you. Every time I was going down, you made sure to push me forward. This was one of the most hardest time in my life but you kept me going, you made me smile even in that pain, touched me with your inspired words and in turn helped in turning my life around.

How do I express in words my gratitude for standing by me when times got really bad and truth is I had none with me except for you to call my family. Thanks for being there and letting me know you always care and will be there, for showering love upon me and showing me way. Yes even for scolding me when I was wrong. I know I create loads of trouble for you at times, but never do it deliberately. And am grateful to you for handling all my tantrums when I am in the worse mental state. Whenever I asked for something you gave me without even a single complaint.

I got a mail from someone special. I would refrain from taking the name here.

… Bhaskar if you have a past that dissatisfies you, pains you, its time you forget it now. Rise up more strong from your past and move ahead. Go on and prove that you are not a looser in life’s toughest struggles, because now you know how to cross the current of the unavoidable. Many navigate it and founder, others are swept to places where they should not have reached. But you confronted the crossings with brevity and dignity, transforming pain into actual action. Be grateful to the person who stood by you, she helped you in crossing these paths, at times even ignoring her own troubled state of affairs. Be happy with her and see you get to be there for her always the same way she has been. Here now starts a new life story for you and you step onto a new dawn with a new life, but more importantly believe in it. Try to now concentrate only on those moments in which you fought with your fate to stand strong and this strength will help you accomplish many more feats in life….

This mail made me realise more what great gift I got in my life today even after loosing everyone who had been with me when I came to this planet. I am amazed how a simple mail, few casual interactions, can end into forging such a bond. I am eternally grateful to God for giving me such a gifted life. If it weren’t for you didi, I can’t even imagine where I’d been today. You said yesterday that you are grateful that I became your brother. No didi its me who is grateful that you took me into your life as your kid brother. I can say just this….

You are my sister, the loving and supporting one, one I love from deep down my heart. One for whom I’ll be there always. And pray god give me enough strength to see that I never hurt you even unknowingly.





11 thoughts on “Thanks would be too less on this Thanks Giving Day!!!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you too.May you and your didi have a great journey together and always be there for each other always just like this !!!

    That mail quote is really inspiring…. whoever sent it, got the message across so well.

    I hope you stay happy, healthy and cheerful always….


  2. happy thanksgiving day to you too. when no one is with us we feel lonely its these relations which make a difference

    so good u have minnie in ur life to help u out when u feel low

    and yes when real relations give a hard time these relations prove to be a blessing

    stay safe happy naughty and cheerful always


  3. Life is tough but you fought well BT. I am grateful to gid to give me such a supportive and understanding friend.

    May god bless you both and keep you like this always. Stay cheerful, you need that smile on your face for us, your friends.


  4. awwwwwwwwwww……..such cute post BT. tum dono ko tisi ki nazar na lage
    stay safe and happy always.


  5. I like this attitude of yours a lot BT. You know how to nurture relations.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all here.


  6. you’re the best bro in the whole wide world 😀
    ahhh loved it 🙂

    can’t thank you enough for all that you do for me…but still thanks for being the best bro ever!!!!!!


  7. Bhai Happy Thanksgiving day to u too :)…You are one of the fantasticcc and fabb ppl i have ever come across..Thanks for being such a sweet bhai..


  8. hey my Rajput bro, happy thanksgiving day to u too…….u r the best,and I love u,respect u the way u r…don’t ever change bro.


  9. That is why i call you Commander… a brave person who knows how to swim against the toughest currents.. and I respect your feelings towards those who are with u and will always remains the same because … you deserve the BEST.
    Khuda ne jab yeh kainaat banayee
    Tujhko banaya humko banaya
    aur yeh dosti bhi banayee
    Dil diya isko sambhalkar rakhne ko
    jaan bhi di is par lutaane ko
    par mere bhai jo sabse badi inayat ki
    hum sabko milne ki jo kawayat ki
    kis jubaan se shukra karoon main us khuda ka jisne
    tujhko banaya ,humko banaya aur yeh dosti bhi banayee.


  10. Bhaiyya
    Happy Thanks Giving Day to you too
    BB its so great to know you and am pleased to have you around me. Wish u all the best and all the happiness.

    Lastly Happy Diwali to you and all others!!!


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