When I lost my Bike for ever from my life!!!

Yesterday night, lying alone with sleep far away, suddenly I recalled an incident that happened couple of months back. That incident took away my beloved bike from me forever. It was an accident that I can never forget; it also gave me a lesson for life. It told me that sometimes we encounter things on our path, but because our time has not yet come, they brush past us without touching us even though they are close enough for us to see. Everything that has to happen happens, but then nothing happens!!!

Picture of my bike after the accident - Photo courtesy Subrat

Picture of my bike after the accident - Photo courtesy Subrat

It happened on my return trip from Spiti which I took with my friend Subrat on bikes. Just when we reached Panchkula, a place near Chandigarh, we saw a Bolero coming from the opposite direction towards us and in the wrong lane. I was in the front and we were not even too fast. Hardly 70-80kmph was being maintained by us on the highway. The only thought in my mind was – The Bolero would change lane, it cannot stay in my lane. But reaching quite near when it didn’t me now changed the lane so as to pass him. All looked fine till the Bolero suddenly now decided to change the lane. It was foolish as by now I was so near that I can’t even change direction or apply brakes.

After that what happened was like a movie scene. My bike hit the Bolero hard and I was in turn thrown out off the bike to land on the bonnet of the Bolero.

The Bolero after the hit - Photo courtesy Subrat

The Bolero after the hit - Photo courtesy Subrat

But the next moment I rolled over to fall just in front of it. I saw eminent death in front of my eyes as I waited for the Bolero to run over me but by the grace of Lord, the Bolero stopped at the very place where the driver applied brakes. I got up and miraculously found that I was perfectly fine, no injury. Yes after the incident I was made to promise by Minniedi never to take up bike again and so my saga with bike ended that very day.

Today I realize how we always think of death in a negative manner. We end up spending our lives worrying about absurdities and in turn fail to notice many important moments. We fear doing things. We don’t realize that we cannot fear something that is going to happen anyway.

If little bit of thought is given to this, then lot can be achieved. You would never forget to make that much-postponed phone call; you would now take action and not just remain with complaining. They say “Today is as good a day to leave this earth as tomorrow”. Death is always sitting by your side so that when you need to do something important, something worth, something precious, it will give you the strength and the courage you need.

I personally feel it’s foolish to be frightened of death because all of us sooner or later, are going to perish anyway. And maybe only those who accept this fact are really prepared for this wonderful thing called Life.





10 thoughts on “When I lost my Bike for ever from my life!!!

  1. Good that she took it away from you bhaskar :@ :@ :@ And i personally thank her for this.

    How much you used to give us scare with your bike rides. And yes agree to rest. Let me give you a call now 😀 though warning you, my throat is still the same.


  2. I recall going to the garage with the bike with Subbu.The garage owner asked me if the rider of the bike is alive or framed on the wall.But so true Bhaskar.We fear about death and miss doing many things.Let us enjoy each day as our last day here.

    Good to see this post man!

    @Apra-Yaar take the kada that Prabhjot prescribed.It worked wonders for me.I was fit very next day.


  3. Good post !!! I remember that time when you had the accident and how I refused to believe you weren;t hurt after seeing the bike pics!!! I also remember your lament for the bike and you losing your rights gto ride the bike….!!!!! yaar, how many bikes have you converted into scrap metal? kidding… it was definitely some divine intervention that saved you !!!

    In Bengali i think there is a saying – “Raakhe Hari maare ke and maare Hari raakhe ke”…meaning if God wills to take you who can stop you and if God wishes to leave you then who can take you…

    death is really the unseen shadow sitting beside us… anything can happen anytime…. best is to remember that and to live every moment to the fullest…. kya pata …kal ho na ho????


  4. oh man that was scary bike ka to kachra ho gaya but i m happy u decided and promised to take care life is not easy also works here

    i m always scared coz my hubby also has a bike though he goes slow but samne wala kaise chalata hai pata nahi he was also injured abt a yr ago coz auto wala decided to make a turn suddenly

    he was bruised and he fractured his right hand

    always scary but he wont give up his bike still 😦

    take care buddy


  5. I can never forget the incident
    it still rancors in my mind like a slow motion movie
    here i was riding behind him on my bike
    and the next moment he crashes on that bolero
    my goodness……the thoughts that came to my mind in those few fraction of seconds!
    I was standing helpless watching and I feared of hell seeing what was coming
    it still gives me goosebumps

    Yes Apra even I am happy that the bike is gone from him.He and bike never got on well ever hahahaha.Thanks to Minnie we can now get some peace on that part.


  6. My my!! BT!! You definitely lead a dangerous life.

    Agree with the post. Live life to full. Enjoy it but please carefully and not recklessly. Enjoy it in a healthy manner!


  7. Bhai..Omgg this was terrible..But glad tht u had no injury..U knw wht i stay in Panchkula..So quite shocked to read this..Btw how come u were on bike from kharagpur..Isnt it tooooo far off..


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