When they say “Its not an easy life” They mean it!!

When they say “Its not an easy life” – They REALLY mean it.

Just few minutes back I came to know that one of my old friend committed suicide today as he could not take easy the lack of success in his professional life. I can’t judge the people who decide to kill themselves. They have their reasons but when something like this happens around you, you regret. Regret not being there when the person wanted you to listen. Regret that you did not make that one call and told him/her that things will be fine.

One friend of mine commented on phone, “Did not he think once what his wife would go through?” Well I know, when a person decides to kill himself, he knows nothing except just being there, and doing that. He is not in normal mental state then.

I don’t want to debate on this. All I want to say here is whenever you know someone is going through a low do be there. Tell them, things will look up for sure.

Trust me THIS helps!!! I went through the dark period in my life too. Not that no one tried; it’s just that when you are going through a rough period, you tend to shut all doors that reach you.

At that very moment, when someone stands by you and makes an effort to reach out, to help you dream again, YOU START BELIEVING THAT IT IS GOING TO BE ALL FINE. I had someone doing the same for me and that helped. I got the strength back to again stand up on my feet because of that person!!!

After what I saw in my life, I now make an effort everyday to reach out, to listen and to understand the people around me. Sometimes I am able to solve their problems. Sometimes all I can do is just be there and tell them “Everything will be alright. Keep faith”. Faith does work wonders and so does a friend’s support, a kind gesture and just a little bit of listening and warmth.

I know every article, every blog and every book says that. But we, the humans are so lazy and ignorant to this at times that we need to be reminded again and again so that we do not REGRET later.

Share a smile!!! Talk to that someone today!!! Who knows it can brighten it up for them.

Stay happy and remember that it’s a precious life. Why did God not make us one of the Happy Singh’s, I have no idea. But he gave us this life so we could make the most of it.

You will stumble. You will fall but get up, shout at him (GOD) and get going!!! Just remember, there are many on this earth for who you may mean the world and you need to live, yes LIVE for them, if not for you!!!!





14 thoughts on “When they say “Its not an easy life” They mean it!!

  1. So well expressed Bhaskar.You are right.Today even I am regretting. Maybe it would be a matter of simply ten min but who knows can save a life.

    RIP Manish!


  2. Another well written article…
    and again expressed the truth…. so many times we fail to listen to others. Listening, just one act that can make someones day.
    Today even i regret not meeting him when he gave the call last weekend…. then thought will get over with navratri first. Shucks! 😦


  3. Another of your well expressed article telling basics of life which we forget to follow.

    You will be missed Manish.Wish you had little bit more strength to fight out.Or maybe had someone in your life too – like Bhaskar!


  4. Very well written Bhaskar

    My condolence to you and your friend’s family..

    All of us go thru low stages sometimes in our life.. I remember mine too.. just be there for those who needs you.. that’s what life is about..


  5. Very well written Bhaskar

    My condolence to you and your friend’s family..

    All of us go thru low stages sometimes in our life.. I remember mine too.. just be there for those who needs you.. that’s what life is about..


  6. OMG! Thats indeed a downer!

    May his soul find peace and may his family get the strength to live with this stigma for the rest of their life!

    I wish people did not take these short cuts and braced life and what it offers. Life is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and plenty of frustrations, but thats not all.. there are ray of hopes too in all that darkness….one just should fight with the miseries to find it…

    The person who commits suicide goes beyond all tension but think of the family he has left behind. Will they ever find peace? Taking life is NEVER the solution… and yes…if only people with such thoughts find someone to lean on and share the thoughts….

    Friends, no matter how down you may be…never ever lose hope….


  7. oh man so sad my condolences

    but bhaskar everyword u said is true and i hv experienced it myself sometimes we just postpone hearing a person out

    my mom says always je jiyan ja mela means u dont know when u wud meet or talk to person next time better do it now than later or u end up regretting.

    a good listener a good shoulder a sympathtic ear is all one needs at times
    good write up again *claps*

    no its not comic but its reality

    but to take this step is extreme

    i m so glad we r freinds bhaskar sometimes one just needs an outlet and all is ok


  8. This is very sad news.
    My condolences to his family. May Allah grant them the “Sabr” and the strength to get over this difficult times, and may his soul rest in peace.

    Life comes with its ups and downs, and maybe more down’s than ups, but it is very important never to lose hope, and it really helps a lot when you have friends who stand by you in good times and bad.

    BB really well written and what you have said is really important for everyone to realize, try and just be there for those that need you.


  9. First of all I am so sorry for the loss. Indeed when some one gets to the point they cant take it any more and there is no one to confide in to, they are compelled to take drastic measures. Indeed very sad and unfortunate. I really hope that we all adopt just one sentence and hang on to it, which is: If the day full of light didnt stay fro ever, so wont the night full of dark. Whatever comes our way has to pass. It takes a great deal of patience and endurance.

    I have seen you learning something every day and trust me that is only how we all go about. From my experience I can tell you that yes you do have blues but then i always think that it too, will pass. You are a very brave person, and I have learned a lot from you. Keep it up bro.


  10. This is really sad news.
    My condolences to his family. May Allah grant them Sabr and Strength to overcome this difficult time. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Ameen.

    Life has its ups and downs and maybe more down’s than ups, but it is very important to never let go of hope.

    BB really well written.


  11. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.

    Bhaskar bro, I had goosebumps while reading this article. I agree with each and every word of yours!!!!!
    You are one of those people who I always look upto and you are always there for me. You are one person who, when says, “everything will be alright” to me…so, everything DOES seem alright then.

    i agree with every single line of yourssss! very well written.
    thanks for being there always 🙂


  12. Life is so precious, and God gives it for a reason, no matter how feable it might look to some at times:( I know of all dissapointments, professional dissapointment is one of the hardest to take, unless you have a tragedy which whose magnitude cannot be measured in any richter scale,the kind I know you went through, brother. However, it takes a lot of strength and fortitude to overcome something like that and move on, and realise that there is more to life than just scampering after a goal which one sets for oneself, whether realistic or not. That is why I always disagree with the saying that ‘nothing is impossible’. I truly believe that somethings ARE impossible in life, and the sooner we agree and make peace with it, the faster our clawing our way after that ‘impossible’ to the exclusion of everything else ceases, and we have peace with ourselves and our inner soul. The only thing that is not impossible is having peace and content within yourself, though it’s probably the hardest.

    Thank you Bhaskar for having such a strength and spreading it around.

    RIP Manish.


  13. When people are low, they probably tend to keep a low profile and can seem obviously more quieter or they can try to act normal, depending from person to person. What I am learning and trying to adopt these days even for myself is to do good, be good, no matter what you are facing. Nothing lasts forever, we need to understand we have to share goodness and leave the bitterness aside. We have to learn to forgive and try to take the negativity out of our mind as much we can. This will help us and others around us. My grandmother always told me when I pray, I should ask for strength to bear the pain and not ask for wealth, health etc.. I never understood why she said that, but I realize now that this is the most critical thing we need to survive and move on.

    Your friend probably went through most difficult phase of his life and ended his life, it is sad and he cannot come back. It is very hard for the people related to him and around him. I just hope they have the strength to bear this trauma.

    May god rest his soul in peace and give strength to people around him.


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