Do I really enjoy the fruits of freedom???

Today 2nd October on the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi one thought came to my mind – Do I, a “Common Man” of India, really enjoy the fruits of freedom for which stalwarts like Gandhi and so many others gave their whole life?

I have a car, a beautiful house, wonderful job. I enjoy watching movies and cricket and football. I can study what I wish to or even decide to stay illiterate. I enjoy time with my friends, can eat anything I feel like (except for the poison). I travel where ever I feel like. Talk to who so ever I feel I want to and wear what makes me feel comfortable.

But wait!!! Lets see few other parameters too.

Height of Frustration - If Gandhi comes and see all this mess, even he will feel like banging hammer on the ground (not on head friends, since he believes in non violence)

Height of Frustration - If Gandhiji comes and see all this mess, even he will feel like banging hammer on the ground (not on head friends, since he believes in non violence)

  • I cannot lodge an FIR easily in a police station.
  • I get slapped by a local goonda for his fault and the cops just watch.
  • I am robbed off things at night on the road and the police are the last one’s to help there.
  • I have to bribe for almost everything in the Govt. Sector.
  • Daughters of this country do not feel safe.
  • Hospitals are supposed to provide medical services to save life is now more of business ventures and if I have money then can get proper good medical facilities.
  • Good education is something I can get if I have facility to good finance cause our education system too has turned into business ventures.
  • My taxes? Well they are used for the lavish lifestyles of the MPs.

Am I happy to be Free?? Are you????

If these Freedom fighters pays a visit to the country today, I am sure they will leave with tears in their eyes. Tears of sadness and not happiness. Tears of remorse, thinking why they wasted so much of their time, energy and life for getting this country free.

With all the infinite plus points of this country, it still needs a revamp. The youth of this country need to wake up. They need to seriously think and act so that our future can get better and not be like it is today.

We are proud citizens of this beautiful country, so how about now making it more Better, Safe and Harmonious place to live!!!!





5 thoughts on “Do I really enjoy the fruits of freedom???

  1. Just awesome !!!! too good !!! It’s really time to hammer some sense into todays politicians and soceity….a revamp is definitely a must !


  2. Well Said Bhaiyya

    But i would stay we need to work more on this >>> The youth of this country need to wake up.

    To make this country a better place to live in we ourselves have to take the initiative and i guess most of us prefer to stay from the Word “Polotics” as we all believe it’s not the right option.


  3. Well Said Bhaskar! My take-First thing that needs to be done by us is to stop giving bribes.If today they are so hungry then fault lies with us.
    Lot of new young generation is now taking over the political mantle.And I have lot of hope from this new breed of politicians.


  4. hm as always a good thought put so nicely

    ab whats happening is it has become chalta hai attitude

    one person started the freedome movement and rest joined

    it was way then

    and now one person wants to do something and ppl just dont want to do and say who cares

    alas !


  5. So well jotted down BT.

    I too agree, we need to wake up and start hammering these evils from our country.Agree now the attitude is of chalta hay and we need to change that.Many are working for betterment of India already.If we cant take the step alone, we can always join them.


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