Some precious Gyaan about “Love in Punjab”

Born in Himachal, I always had a great affinity with Punjab. Punjab and the Punjabi culture has always played a major role in this state too. But then Himachal was carved from Punjab itself. Coming back to the post, well I love everything Punjabi. Punjabi food, Punjabi songs, Bhangra, going to Gurdwara, etc etc. Punjab has that easy going attitude to life which always attracted me, bas khao-peeyo and naacho. Bas bindas raho zindagi vichh.

punjabi_coupleOk coming back to the actual post. Ages we hear about stories and tales about “Love in Punjab” and how ish-special “hatke” that is. But I was always unable to fathom this secret till yesterday, when I got enlightened about the same while listening to Punjabi songs on Youtube.

So here’s me sharing some Gyaan that those Punjabi love songs gave me.

1. The lover is mostly high on calories and injurious to your health!!! He/She is either Makhkhan or Malai and in worst possible scenario SHE is Patiala Peg.

2. Even looking into your lover’s eyes can intoxicate you. Didn’t you hear the song “Botlaan Sharaab Diya Akhkhaan Teriya” – Your eyes are bottles of liquor.

3. The Punjabi guys impress their women by singing “Desi Ghee di churi kut ke, tere mooh vich paava” – Means I will feed you ground chapaati in desi ghee.

4. Almost all love songs are based on either ghee, makkhan, food or liquor.

5. Every lover has a high risk of suffering from diabetes because all females are compared to Sugar-based delicacies. (Gudd, Mishri, Gulaab Jamun)

6. Every girl is referred to as – JUGNI. Who is Jugni?? Can someone enlighten me?

7. All lovers dance to bhangra songs and not some love ballads.

8. It is mandatory for a guy to take rounds of a girls house 10-15 times a day on his bike to impress her and let her know that she is THE one.

9. 80% lovers secretly meet in Sarson ke Khet. 😀

10. 93% lovers sing JUDAAI KE GAANEY!!

11. Almost every girl sings “Boohe Baariyan” once in their lifetime to impress their lover.

12. Most of the girls have long hair, laal paraanda and they go shopping and do NOTHING but dance in Giddas.

13. Most men in love (Jatts) find their love in marriages or melaas where she is doing nothing but yet again DANCING.

14. Lovers are often compared to RABB. Do Almighty get a serious Inferiority Complex?? Wondering!!!

15. No matter how old they are, they stick to Glassis which are used to serve lassi to small kids. 😀

This precious GYAAN of the civilization that I got after watching innumerable Punjabi songs is your way to find love in Punjab and in case anyone wants to add something I missed on, they are most welcome.





7 thoughts on “Some precious Gyaan about “Love in Punjab”

  1. oh my god itna research to hamne bhi nahi kiya but always good to see ur take on this thing

    and what is “Boohe Baariyan”


  2. Bhai… i am also very fond and dont know why special place for punjabi there language bindaas attitude ..

    actually when i was in school there was a girl punjabi the way she used to tell Oyeeee was damn chweet…i think from that day love for punjab in dil ka kona…

    aur bhai punjaab ki kudi .. rocking.. about Jugni.. actually one serial is there.. i think comes on SAB TV.. show name jugni chali jalander.. rocking girl… sirf uske liye i see that show

    lekin unki takkar pe bengali ones.. i dont know i like Koena mitra, tanushree datta , bipasha etc etc .. later i came to know ke yeh sab bengali hai.. so now decided time milega to will visit punjab and bengal for sure..


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