Mera Des Mahaan and this is THE place for me

Haanji!!! Surprised with “Haanji”. Well today I decided to dedicate the post to Mera Desh Bharat. My apologies to friends from West but this will be one post which may go above your head and adding further apology, I won’t be giving any translations either.

Haanji πŸ˜‰ Aa gaya main fir!!!MBM

I dedicate this post to all the people who say “Iss desh mein kuch nahi rakhkha”Β  “US/UK jaisi koi jagah nahi”Β  “Mujhey toh phoren hi settle hona hain” “Yaar, wahan ki baat hi kuch aur hain”. I say “CHALO HATO, SIDE DO..” Aur haan, if someone minds it, post aagey mat padna. Seriously, main naa kisi ka dil nahi todna chahta. Ab apna dil toodna aapke haath mein, mujhe kuch mat kehna ji.

While logging on to work today, I got a call from a friend asking me why I am adamant on staying back in India and not shifting abroad, why am I not taking up the job at US that my company has offered me. Not for him, but for myself I summed up a few reasons randomly (without thought) and in fun on why INDIA IS THE PLACE for ME!!!!

1. Areeeeey yaar!! India mein kho gaye?? No piraaablem!! Paanwaaley, Richshaw-waaley, Theli-waaley, Charas-waaley, Cycle-waaley, Car-waaley. In short itney waaley hain help karney koisi se bhi raasta pooch saktey ho, uski baat hi kuch aur hain. US mein kho gaye?? Bhagwaan bhalaa karey aapka. Haan theek hain, I know you have GPS there (uska paisa lagta hain ji), Par wahan bas “Take left, Take right” milega. Apna Hindustani-isshtyle Shortcut kaisey?? Aur GPS naa hua toh kya, Hindustani All-waalas rock!!

2. Ladies log, attention please to this point. Saada desh mahaan!! Kaamwaali-bai, koodey-waali bai, kapdey dhoney waali bai, DHOBI, Sabzi waala at your door. Kya kehna hai iska ji.

3. Chatwaala, Golgappe waala, Panipuriwaala, yeh sab kya pardes mein milega? Nahi ji, yeh to phir apne Hindustan mein hi milela aapko.

4. Desh mein, Boley toh rishtey aisey hi ban jaatey hain. Apna diriver chacha ban jaata hai, paros mein Maasi, Dudh waala bhaiya. Abroad, Aunty means AUNTY, you see. Complex!!

5. You forgot your lunch back home, fikar not. Everyone is ready to offer you theirs. “Arey yaar, chal aaj mere saath khaa. Aaj maa ne Rajma bheja hai”. “Meri Biwi ne aaj matar paneer banaya si, chal saath baant le yaar”.

6. India mein festivals ki bahaar, chutti-time ki bharmaar. Aisi discount-bhari zindagi aur kahaan?? πŸ˜‰

7. Desh mein, parosi are family, whole village is your family. “Arey beta aaj bittu ki mummy beemar hain, lunch humaarey yahan se jaayega” “Lala ke beti ki shaadi hai, haath bata do unke yaha”. Kya aisa pyaar, yeh mithaas milega pardes mein?

8. Desh mein, bindaas life hain, you don’t have a brother or a sister, fikar not!! Rakhi time and you will have enough of them to call your own.

9. India mein paisa kamaana aasan, yaa toh chat ki dukaan khol lo, yaar kuch aur nahi toh TV actor ban jaao.

10. India mein: We shout, dance, jump and live it up for a month on a wedding, mundan and even on a promotion, ENJOYMENT ke liye reason chahiye bas.

11. Arey humaarey daily ke Heer-Raanjha ke saamney (pados waaley, dilli waaley) feekey hain Romeo-Juliet. =))

12. Seriously, animals ko itni izzat kisi aur country mein nahi milti. We worship cows, we feed crows, kabutars, dogs, cats for PUNYAA-KAMAAYEE.

13. We accept every culture and religion with open arms (leave aside politicians here) aur fir, humaari mehmaan-nawaazi ki toh baat hi kuch aur hain.

14. Desh mein, you can scold your kid to set things right, pardes mein “Dad how dare you touch me?? Am calling cops”. (Mind you, I said scold not beating. Maar peet mujhe pasand nahi aur woh bhi bachcho ka)

15. DEDICATED TO my friend SACHIN. Desh mein Rakhi Sawant hain, aur kahaan?? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

In short, Mera Desh Mahaan. Aur Ji mere ko toh bahut garv hain ispey. Main yahin khush hu, theek hain I get angry at times par apna apna hain. Isko chhor ke to jaane se raha main kahi aur!!!





14 thoughts on “Mera Des Mahaan and this is THE place for me

  1. I 100% agree with you on this post.. India mein rehne ka toh mazaa hi alag hain.. Yes, one may get quality life in west but do we get the love and affection?? I don’t know.. All my friends who are in West crave for the affection from family and friends.. India mein toh sab cheezon ki choot hain.. YES, even the capital of India is dirty.. But we are now used to it.. Aisa hain ki, apni mitthi ki khushboo kahiin aur nahin aayegi.. You eat in a road side Dhaba and also eat in Five Star Hotel.. You will find the dhaba food to be much more tastier =)) Yeh hain India and I am happy to be born here.. I would surely not leave this place for either the sake of money or quality of life!!!


  2. Well said Man.And phikar not yaar.Hum hai na.You dont need to go there.Dono saath mil ke sambhal lenge yaar.Bas jaldi se apne didi naal baat karke final decision le le.Mainnu call karke das diya ki karna si.


  3. Nah no way me too going there BT.Apna des apna hai.And these bai’s.Why ladies log yaar, we bachelors too need them haha.Kaha milega woh pardes mein.


  4. I like what you have written Bhaskar. It is true..these are the true day to day things we need to worry about and these things bring joy and happiness to us. I fall into the bucket of people who think, even tiny to tiny things in our life will double our joy. May be I am not in india and probably that is why I realized the value for all the above things and beyond.

    Apne desk ki khusboo hein alag hain, kushi bhi alag hain..apna style hein kuch alag hain.


  5. Ah! You write fabullous Bhaskar!

    I agree EVERYTHING of what you have written about apna des….uski baat hi kuch aur hai :))

    However, I also disagree on EVERYTHING you have written about Vides….but that’s an entirely different story. Right now let me simply get nostalgic about India.


  6. Bhaskar!!! What to say, gone back to nostalgic journey. Love India and want so much to go there now after reading this.

    You write too well. It touches some cord in the heart. Let me go home and watch old video’s.


  7. lovely Bro..:D

    but you forgot the most important thing..FOOD.. my Favorite Roti Sabji..that wat we miss the most on vedeshi dharti:)..people sometime asks me…your food habits confuses me! how you can eat Roti daily…i ask them back….have u ever seen any chinese or japanese getting tired of noodles? then why should i!!if my food preferences indicates that i am pakka villager let it be..wasie bhi our 70% population lives thr hehe πŸ˜›


  8. wooops..forgot to add this..

    But somethings that only Videsh offers so one should take nd learn from them and should try to implement that in our country,to make this country even better πŸ™‚ lets learn from their +ves nd ignore the -ves πŸ™‚ that should be our attitude!

    They are very efficient work deligently..and also sincerely πŸ™‚


  9. Good one….. now that you mention…. mujhe chaat khaane ka man kar raha hain….hehehehe…

    hahahahahaha….. these days desh ho ya videsh….. sab kuch milte hain…. pyaar se lekar, uncle ji- auntiji,paanwala to roti sabzi….videsh mein hain zarur but dil to hindustani hi hain. bahar jo bhi ho ghar ke andar sanskar se sab hinsdustani. so long you have your family there……… hehehehe…


  10. ho nice one bhaskar mera bharat mahaan

    apne des ki to baat hi kuch aur hai

    one time not many things were available and we had to get them from abroad abhi jo chaho sab milte hai even the friends who hv shifted abroad for various reasons say that they r not getting what we get here

    good one saare jahan se achha hindustaan hamara

    i for one used to complain long bck i dont want to be here but now i dont want to go anywhere else i love my india jaisa bhi hai


  11. pehli baat
    who said this? “Iss desh mein kuch nahi rakhkha” … humaare gang se milau and surely thought badal jayegi …lol

    waise well written Bhaiyya …as always me agree’s with you
    Apna desh apna hota hai and ppl are here so apne too. No matter what all stand for oneanother
    And am proud to be here


  12. Damn kool..

    when i was abroad missed paani puri and all..
    woh masti time in gatherings..
    missed all those stuffs so me back to pavilion and enjoying lifewa..

    lekin bhai kuch to gadbad hai…
    the moment i read ur thoughts, mere dimaag mein kuch questions aajate hai.. hmmm


  13. Wish more people think in this manner. Wish there were rules likes students from premier Indian Universities should work in India atleast for 5 years for its PSU’s. It makes lot of difference to India.


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