The Journey up the Lift

That one thing which I dread everyday when going to office, is the time spent in the lift. The lift in my office has reflecting surfaces on all four sides and on top.

Usually I am never alone in the lift. It’s a joy being the only person in that lift. You can look at yourself from all angles. Make faces. Plus there is that comfort of your own space. But such days are rare, almost extinct.New-Building-Lift

You keep waiting for lift to come down to the parking floor and by that time there are at least 5-6 fellow travelers who wait with you. You greet the ones whom you know. The doors of the lift open and everyone gets in. Nothing new about it. The process is similar almost everywhere.

But, we have reflecting walls in the lifts. Normal human beings, who greeted each other, now are in a very uncomfortable state. You can’t look anywhere. Six people entered the lift, but they find themselves surrounded by thirty virtual ones in various dimensions. Not only that, those thirty reflect each other and multiply exponentially. If you look straight, you would always find yourself staring at one of those many men/women. Quickly you turn your eyes and there it is – The same person from different angle. If the group that entered, has a mix of genders, things become even more embarrassing!!! Once, one of my reflections caught eyes of another’s reflection and both of them blushed and “hi” to each other.

So, as a coping mechanism, a person tries to look at the digital display which shows the floor number the lift is currently on. But if you just see only him in a video, he would look like an extremely nervous person, too anxious to get to his floor and only half trusting the lift to take him there.

Hence, follows the great guilt show. Everyone stares at the floor. Head hung low, looking at their buttons/mobile/shoes. As if sorry for their past deeds and sorry for bringing in so many intruders in that weird combination of real and virtual spaces!!! They feel, they shouldn’t have been there.

And whenever the lift door opens, it’s a feeling of liberation. Like a curse is broken. Even if it’s not your floor, you can still look outside the lift or look at those who enter and exit on the pretext of making space to stand. Then you notice the same phenomenon with the new entrants. They look all around for a fraction of second, get scared, and then look at the digital display and then finally join the guilt parade.

Today I entered quite defiantly in the lift resolving that I would not allow the circumstance to make a fool of me. So I stood upright!!! And as I looked at all those heads, I had to bit my lips real hard to stop myself from laughing. It looked funny. And I asked myself – Why the guilt?

Today I learnt a lesson. A spiritual feeling transcended when I saw all of us, and our reflections which seem to be having a life of their own. The way every one behaves, trying to be non-intrusive, thereby expecting the same from others, it leaves you feeling that deep down inside we are all one. Thoughts and experiences are different, but Mother Nature has nurtured us all on the same principles of evolution: mental, physical and emotional. We are all just another manifestation of the unique miracle called life.

I am sure, with time and more trips on the lift, a new perspective would replace this one and I would update this post when that happens. 🙂





9 thoughts on “The Journey up the Lift

  1. Whenever I am in a lift if I like the looks of somebody I make eye contact and smile. Usually it is reciprocated (advantages of being a woman):) If I don’t like somebody I make up stories about them in my head 😛

    Very nice observations but I must say here that it is slightly limited as I am guessing you have not been in lifts with a child 🙂

    Children proceed to study people guilelessly. If you haven’t trained them well, they proceed to embarrass you with direct questions as well. (My friend’s child asked “maaa–why is that lady so fat?”)


  2. A very very interesting and different take on a thing as mundane as this could not have been expected from anyone but you.

    Loved reading it. After your 2am post now I have also taken the RSS feed to get instant notifications. Don’t wanna miss such opportunities hahaha.



  3. A very thought provoking post.. Started on humor but ended on serious note. Good job again. Yaar book likh le ab in collections ka.


  4. great one bhai !!!!!…..kaha shuru aur kaha khatam….
    Suno, ek kaam karna…hehehehe… when you get into that next time, just make a face..and then read the reaction on the faces of the people in the lift…..


  5. hhaa lift stories how do u manage to come up with such stories seriously bhaskar u shud compile them haha

    good one i wud tell u one of my stories of lift
    when my son was very small say abt 8yrs old i got him from school bus was waitin for lift to come down one of our bldg neighbour came and it was too dark near lift area and as he was very tall and dark wearing dark clothes my son cudnt see his face and started shouting mom bhoot bhoot aya bhoot aaya and i looked bck only to go red in face as the man face was not visible in darkness
    hehe it was so embarassing luckily the guy saw the humor in it
    i had a big laugh when i reached home


  6. Omg… this is a great post!! I just die when I have to take an elevator full of people, which is just about everyday, and I pray silently that noone speaks to me or stares at me! hehe… But I agree everyone is probably feeling the same too! Only kids enjoy going in an elevator so they can press ’em buttons 🙂


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