Ramblings of an Insomniac Mind @ 2am

It’s 2:20 by my watch and I am still not sleepy though I had gone off to bed at 12. Something has to be done to cure this. I know I’d sleep in 20 minutes if I got up from the bed and picked up one of the research paper that needs to be reviewed and lying around 10 steps away, but I am too lazy to get up. I am writing typing this post on my phone for the same reason. The laptop is at around the same distance – 10 steps away!!!

So for the ‘What’s New’ news, my buddy Arpan is trying to quit smoking yet again. Yesterday being the first day, and a one smoke lapse today, I think he’ll do it this time. For the ones who have heard this line before, don’t scoff, ‘Quitting smoking isn’t difficult. Many have done it a lot of times before.’ I read this somewhere. 😀

So now it’s 2:30, and the sleep is nowhere near. I am as awake as a bat or owl or whatever is more awake. I don’t know what that means.

My Ipod has gone dead at precisely this moment. The last song it played was ‘Yeh raatien yeh mausam nadi ka kinaara yeh chanchal hawa’. For those who haven’t heard of this song, it’s a very old number, and my latest fav. Before this song was Panthi hu Is panth ka, and before that was Rahi Manwa Dukh Ki Chinta and before that O Duniya Ke rakhwale. All of which are my all time hot favorites. I can go on with the ‘before that’ list, but I don’t see much point in it. Not that I see any point in the whole post, but I am bored, lazy with a dead Ipod, books, papers and laptop at a 10 step distance, and will power strong enough to not go and drink coffee to add one more cup to my dozen already. The last one is taking too much effort, but then I am lazy enough to get up and make it. So it’s working for now.

I am confused about what I’ve written above, so if reading it confuses you, don’t bother.

There is a very strong possibility that this post may not be published, since my phone decides to act funny at times, and the publish button goes dead. If it’s any solace I am not amused at the phone’s sense of humor. Some things should just do what they’re meant to do. But incase you’re reading this, would mean my phone is sleeping too and its sense of humor might not have been effective. Coming to phone well let me tell you all, I am very proud to say, I have had a very close encounter with my true love. It wasn’t very hard to find, I mean, considering it from the various options available, to be my soul mate for a long time, wasn’t as much effort. It is my 3 year old phone – the Blackberry.

And as for love!!! They say True love is very hard to find. Being the non believer in love, that I am, I agree the “true” kinds would be very hard to find. ‘Love knows no end’, they say. I agree. I mean something that’s so hard to find, would never end, even if in your own minds and hearts. I am sure it will always stay on with you somewhere deep within till the very end, to be cherished.

I think I should sign off before I get on to discussing another useless topic.

I am very thankful to all those who’ve read this nonsense till this point. I appreciate the patience and the courage. And I sincerely apologise. But then I wasn’t sleepy, was lazy, and bored and restless.

Good night to all those who are sleeping well. Some day, when you’re bored and not sleepy and need me, I won’t be available. =)

Ok. Me done, I just hope this gets published.


10 thoughts on “Ramblings of an Insomniac Mind @ 2am

  1. Hahahahahaha!!! This is the craziest thing I hv heard in a loong time! Darn good Bhaskar, hehehehe!!!

    When are you starting your book?


  2. You wrote this at 2 haha.Man you are really crazy.At 2 how can you get such thoughts to write man.

    I too would agree BT.Get started with a book.You are just fantastic with words.


  3. Bhaskar I am yet to see a more crazy guy than you.hahahahaha.

    And I think I have quit smoking yaar. 😀 I think, remember thats what I said. Subah sutta nahi liya re aaj. hahaha.


  4. I have some days like this Bhaskar. It is usually when my head is churning 360 degrees non stops with thoughts. But, good you have put this into a very positive way to blog. Happy Blogging 🙂


  5. hahahahahahahahahahahaha……lucky you atleast you found your sweetheart in your phone… and my phone is my biggest pain….who should knnow better- remember the number of blank messages? hehehehe….

    Yaar, after writing this… did you fall asleep?

    In my case jab aisa hota hain…. i just get up from the bed, make the coffee, pick up the car keys and hit the road… wherever the eyes take me….hahahahaha….

    Really good one…


  6. @ Anitha – Yes I was getting 100s of thoughts going round. There was loads of work too but felt so lazy =)) Infact if I had done that then it could have been called positive.

    @ Arpan – Carry on. We all are with you on the mission. Yaar chhor de yeh cigarette.

    @ Adi – No I finally got up at 4am and started working. Hahahaha!!!!

    @ Minniedi & Prateek – My book won’t sell and I’ll end up spending money. Kyu mera diwala nikalna chahte hai aap sab. 😉


  7. baapre some day i dont want to get up at 2am and see bhaskar awake writing funny comments and me not able to sleep but yday i finally did manage to doze off only to be awake at 6 😦

    some insomniacs we r

    crazy thoughts at 2am u r mad when do u sleep then bhaskar


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