Finally Some Random Thoughts

When I started this blog the first task that came upon me was – What title do I give? Then decided to go with Random Thoughts and on an impulse added “Some Impulsive Thoughts” to the same. Then most things in my life I have started always on impulse.

Till now most of my posts I made on impulse. And today when I sat down to write here nothing is coming to my mind. So thought to jot down all the thoughts going round in my head. “Random Thoughts”!!!

Air conditioning in the car is a dire necessity. But at times it’s fun to drive at 120, with the window open, the wind hitting hard on your face. At times it’s also fun to slow down the car to 40, when you suddenly hear your favourite song on the FM, and feel the soft breeze.

At times it’s fun to just lie down on your terrace and watch the stars. Making figures for some time, talking to them for some time, and just watching them for the rest of the night, till the dawn breaks in and you see them vanishing one by one. It feels like an old friend parting away, after a brief meeting, with a promise to be there the next time you’re up for a night like that. Yes have done it too and its real fun.

At times it’s fun to just get out of the bed the first time you wake up to look at the watch, and move out for a leisurely walk. The light is just awesome around that time, when its not dark and it’s not bright. It’s that peculiar shade of gray, that no artist has captured and no one will. It’s not what you look at, it’s what you feel looking at it.

At times, it’s wonderful to just switch off the phone, lights, AC, TV just anything that disrupts the world from what it was supposed to be. Sometimes it feels good to aimlessly looking out the window at the trees, the birds, the sky, and the people. It feels good to just look at them because they are there and they don’t need a switch to be turned on. It feels good to look at them, because they don’t expect back. It feels good to look at them, because they all make you feel free.

It’s fun to sit under a shed, with a steaming coffee, on the terrace watching the rain surrender finally to the hard mother earth and flow away. It’s awesome to feels the little droplets finding their way under the shed to feel you. It’s fun sometimes to just stand still, right in the centre of the terrace, getting drenched – to feel the rain drops seep into your very existence and make you feel alive again.

I don’t know why I wrote this. No specific reasons. Maybe trying to prove the title of the blog true – Random Thoughts, Some Impulsive Thoughts!!!





6 thoughts on “Finally Some Random Thoughts

  1. random thoughts indeed
    sometimes just want to get away from all and sit idle and go over the thoughts in the head

    aT times even i feel same forget din duniya and just enjoy things goin around u

    good one bhaskar


  2. Really randomness at its best. hahaha.

    Yes it helps at times to sit alone.That helps to get the peace required.


  3. Nice Thoughts.. it was like reading a romantic Novel…coz in almost in every situation we can be with our partner :D..

    The best One is like lie down and see the stars, thinking some good memories smiling..

    We spend some really good moments in life but forget realize..


  4. Hehe.. You always come up with such brilliant ideas…

    Let me also share something of mine.. I love sitting all alone in the dark.. It’s the best thing one can ever do… I everyday sit down 10 to 15 mins in the dark without any thoughts running in the mind.. It gives such a relaxation and the next day you feel refreshed… The second thing which I love doing is, sitting down in the first floor balcony in front of the sea and enjoying the waves esp when it rains.. WOW.. It’s an amazing feeling.. With all greenary around you… That’s awesome…


  5. Random or not, they are beautiful thoughts, very close to the heart.

    U r a wonderful writer.


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