Ghanashyams are at it again!!!!

Here it starts again!!!! The Ghanshyams are at it again. Dark, fat, full of fury. The barbarians hit each other harder and harder. Each blow brings a cry with pain and their shrieks are loud enough to rattle the windows.

They scared away poor little Fairbrothers. They always do!!!bwclouds6

Fairbrothers – Ahh!!! White nimble graceful. Gently they move with heavenly grace. Always well behaved and quiet.

Right now, it is the grimy Ghanshyams who occupy the stage. But God, in his infinite wisdom, has ensured that they won’t survive for long. If they are lucky, they move away unharmed, with painful lethargy.

However, the movement only delays the inevitable for the doomed brethren. For, it is their fate to kill each other, to degenerate each other into the tiniest of pieces till the last drop of their blood spills over the ground beneath.

And when the massacre happens, the occasion is celebrated. Peacocks dance. Thirsty trees begin greening. The farmer Ramlal thanks God for the rain. The violent death of dark clouds nourishes life on earth.

Later, accompanied with cool wind, return the white clouds that were chased away by Ghanshyams. Then, even Ramlal, standing in his green fields, admires the Fairbrothers playing in the blue sky. For him, the only virtue in Ghanshyams is their immediate destruction, right in front of his eyes.

I call it God’s own apartheid.

P:S.  Just to clarify, Ghanshyams are Dark Clouds while Fairbrothers are white. I am bugged by these Ghanshyams so thought of giving a piece of my mind here. =))

BTW to all my friends, A Very Happy Janmashtami. May the blessings of Nandlala be upon you all always.





6 thoughts on “Ghanashyams are at it again!!!!

  1. hahahahahahaha BT yaar.You are too good.
    Happy janmashtami to you too and all others here.Missing the celebrations here.


  2. hahahahahahahahahaha…… i read till the end and then realised who the Ghanashyams are…hahahaha good one !!!!

    Happy Janmashtami to you and all others.


  3. Till the end I went thinking what it was and then read the last to go into a fit of laughter.Brilliant!!

    Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all here.


  4. Haha… Nice One… I guessed it right as to what you want to say.. For a change, even here its raining =))) I am thankful to lord Krishna for bringing those rains here… Climate has changed and its all green around… This is the most beautiful season as the nature looks the BEST!!!!! I don’t mind rains all 365 days =)))


  5. how do u cme out with such ideas BT hahaha…………..happy janmashtami to u and all others.


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