God never give us anything that we can’t handle

When you face obstacle in life pray for strength and when it’s over, have peace in knowing, your prayers have been answered. This is a little inspirational motto of my life that I have tried to follow in the last few years.

I thought long and hard about it today. It makes perfect sense to me. Last few weeks I am going through some tough issues in life, something I won’t get into details. Over time, I have become doomed with anxiety, worry, and fear over them. This is my own personal therapy to help me cope: Life isn’t always easy. If it was, there would be no challenges. With no challenges, we wouldn’t be able to test our strengths or weaknesses. If that was the case, how can we pray for Strength? God doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle.tunnel

When God closes one door, he opens another. “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t” I’ve learned over this short while, not to let a bad experience, or difficult situation take over your life. Although at times, you may feel at your lowest, or you feel scared, or lonely, it’s not fair to ourselves to let our weaknesses get the best of us.

Everything happens for a reason, maybe reasons unknown to us, something maybe from other world which we are yet too naive to understand. If there wasn’t a reason for things to happen, then nothing would have a purpose.

I’ve learned I should thank my lucky stars for what I have, and not worry about “What I don’t have“. For some people, “They have nothing”. Not even stars to feel thankful for. I should feel blessed with what I have the one’s I have besides me always. Although I’ve encountered an “obstacle” in life, I have to keep telling myself – It isn’t and WILL NEVER BE the end of the world for me.

I have to look at the brighter side of things, and be thankful I can still walk, talk, live, love and most of all laugh. There will be times, where I may fall to my knees and surrender to my weaknesses. As long as I remember to Pray, as long as I have few in my life who are in turn always praying, I know I’ll be ok.

Although some things can be a “life changing experience”, just remember – it’s “Only an Experience”. You still have your life. Think about it. I sure did and it helped me to get up.





13 thoughts on “God never give us anything that we can’t handle

  1. So happy to read this.This is really inspiring Bhaskar.

    But tu kaha hai, cell on kar le yaar.I need to talk to you urgently on some matter or come over to FT.


  2. Wah BT.. You yourself are inspiration for many of us.
    Nice to see you up again.Be the same always BT.


  3. Wah bhai… what a comeback !!!!

    What you said is right…. only thing I want to know is when does God realise the limit of a person ? yaar if a person can’t take any more and gets a heart attack, then who is to be blamed… God’s expectations??? hehehehe

    Good to see you in such cheerful mood and you are truly a motivation and sure do know how to cheer up others…. keep smilin always….


  4. nice thoughts bhaskar i wud just say count ur blessings this is what i hv learnt and one more thing when i feel low and down i look at u and think i can do it why am i cribbing

    bhaskar doesnt look good down and out
    bhaskar looks good when he is funny and witty


  5. I just want to say that I got some answers by just reading this and making my own personal decision about something. Thanks for directing me here.

    Thakur Saab….. your pen is mighty and is therapeutic to say the least.

    All the best….

    They say God works in a mysterious way;
    Where there is faith in God, there is hope.
    Where there is hope, there is peace.


  6. Bhaskar

    Every word that you have written here is of a very high spirit and very true. Needless to say it lifted my spirits up as well. I have never seen any one as positive as you are in my life. I will not be exagerating when I say I have learned a lot from you. Please keep it up bro.


  7. BT , this time you have said somthing that has lifted my spirits too. I woke up depressed today and read this blog and BANG!! this blog struck me like lightning!!!
    I won’t thank you for sharing this with me or anyone. But these words mean a lot to me. My favourite para in this blog is :

    “Everything happens for a reason, maybe reasons unknown to us, something maybe from other world which we are yet too naive to understand. If there wasn’t a reason for things to happen, then nothing would have a purpose”

    Keep writing bro and God is with you for sure!!


  8. Thanks everyone for your words. I thought of penning them down as I saw how I got myself helped with the same thoughts. From the bottom of abyss I could get up when these thoughts made sense to me.

    I am happy if they help you all and also all others who read through the post.


  9. Nice inspirational thoughts 🙂
    So this mantra of “God doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle” helps people who complain…..Why me ? Why me?….
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂
    Prasanna Rayaprolu


  10. i’m very much delighted to read a very inspiring thoughts. thanks for sharing it with me. you are a true friend to behold.


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