Mind drew a blank

I’m standing here completely drained,
I guess I have myself to thank,
I’m so far gone from this world,
I think my brain just drew a blank

My arm is just so tired,
From reaching out for something true,
I stand alone in this prison in my mind,
With no hope of seeing through.

Time continues to pass me by,
Just beyond these mental bars,
No one will ever know the pain,
Of my horrible mental scars.

I feel as if I’m 50 feet up,
Balancing on a high wire,
I spent my whole entire life,
Fighting for what I desire.

I am locked away for life,
I guess I have my mind to thank,
My brains running on empty,
And I think, It just drew a blank.


3 thoughts on “Mind drew a blank

  1. Yaar, tumhara mind abhi blank hain..lekin tumhara mail inbox nahi… isiliye, before you find a mountain of mails waiting for you there and a hurricane of jhaar chasing you… have a look at the mails and fill in the blank mind….hehehe…

    Best of luck !!!


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