Happy Friendship Day!!!

Friendship is like a kite that raises in the blue sky. Up and at times down it goes. Loving, then fighting, then loving each other again. The string that holds the kite, is the connection between you all, my friends and myself. No matter how far away you are, you’ll still somehow stay connected through that string. So lets not break the string or try to cut other string with ours. Soaring kites bring you happiness this will never make you feel blue, just like true friends. They will be with you till the end. Let the kite soar up into the sky, like you let a friend go when you are mad. But never say good bye. And always remember to keep a hold on the string with caring hands, so that you can again pull them back in to shower your love.

Friendship is such a gorgeous thing it’s not easy for anyone to find it or explain. It’s becoming the air you breathe in, it’s becoming such a wheel of happiness and luxury. And I am happy to have you all as my friend beside me. I cherish the relation and pray this bond carry on ever.

Your friendship is a promise that paints my soul,
Your care I deeply treasure deep down where it belongs,
Your friendship sparks a smile that from the world I cannot hide,
Let our friendship soar high, me by your side being each others guide.

Your friendship is a gift that I will always keep,
Its a blessing in time that I’ll always seek,
Your friendship brings joy that makes my heart warm,
My cold days are gone for anew I got born.

Our friendship is a promise that will forever grow,
Days will pass and weeks come but our friendship will glow,
Our friendship is a shield that will shelter me from the snow,
This friendship I deeply treasure and its wise I tell you so.

I Thank God for giving me such good friends. πŸ™‚





19 thoughts on “Happy Friendship Day!!!

  1. What a beautiful Poem Thakur Saab!!

    Happy Friendship Day Everyone πŸ™‚

    Below is a short poem by Brittani Kokko:

    Standing by,
    All the way.
    Here to help you through your day.

    Holding you up,
    When you are weak,
    Helping you find what it is you seek.

    Catching your tears,
    When you cry.
    Pulling you through when the tide is high.

    Just being there,
    Through thick and thin,
    All just to say, you are my friend.


  2. Happy Happy Friendship day to u too Bhaskar πŸ™‚

    you’re too precious for your friends

    beautifully written.


  3. Happy Friendship Day !!!

    I can’t thank God enough for sending a friend like you in my life…
    Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy…
    Cheers !


  4. Thank you so much Bhaskar for lovely thought…Happy friendship day to you too…Best wishes


  5. Happy friendship day to you also Bhaskar.You are one of few prized treasures of my life.


  6. From those IIT student days to now as a colleague, I have been with you Thakur.
    I remember every moment that I spent with you.
    You really are precious for us all, maybe even you don’t realise this.
    Happy friendship day yaar and I pray to Lord Jaganath that he give you a long life so that we can have you with us always.


  7. Thanks Bhaskar, happy friendship day to you too.
    I am lucky that i have friend like you, may Allah bless you always and your life will fill with happiness, love, health, wealth and success πŸ™‚ Ameen


  8. Happy Friendship Day to u too Bhaskar….I am bless to have u as my friend and brother.


  9. Am on my second go with the poem now right after reading it just a min before.Beautifully written:)
    ~Happy Friendship Day to you too bro~



  10. Happy frienship day to you and very one here

    Now few my own written poems

    hum koi tasveer nahi jo kho jaye

    hum koi yaad nahi jo mit jaye

    hum toh base hai aap ke dil me

    jara ankhe band karke jaankh lijiye apne ye dost ko

    rote hai jo apne dosto ka ghum lekar

    haste hai jo inki khushiyan dekhkar

    True Friends are like a rainbow which always makes you feel happy and brings smile on your face

    true friends are like a moon which always spreads cool light upon you and calm you

    true friends are like a river which is always eager to meet a sea and be a part of it

    I am really lucky to find a true friend in you and i feel so proud of our friendship

    kitna hi antar ho dosto mein dosti phir bhi ho sakti hai

    milo ke phansale bhi dosto ko kabhi alag kar nahi sakte

    dost hamesha dost ke dil me baste hai

    unhe duniya ki koi taquat alag nahi kar sakti


  11. Bhaiyya
    mast likha hoing

    Me wanna wish sabko Happy Dosti Din
    and i just want to live up to this line
    “Your friendship is a gift that I will always keep”

    Very Well WRitten Bhaiyya

    Love n Regards


  12. Wonderfully written ,Thakur saab….very very touching πŸ™‚

    Wish everyone a very very Happy Friendship Day

    “Friends are like the walls of a house.
    Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes you lean on them.
    But sometimes, it’s enough to know they’re just standing by”


  13. Happy friendship day Bro! I am so happy you came to my life. You are such a caring and genuine individual.


  14. I cant believe you wrote that. I mean, it’s not that I dont think you can write, but it’s so incredibly amazing to see you pen those thoughts down and how stunning they are.

    Happy Friendship Day to you as well, I just opened my box late.

    Love Trinzie


  15. Happy Friendship day BT !!! and Happy Raksha Bandhan to you too.
    I have just returned from holidays, will be in touch asap


  16. Hey BB,

    Sorry for replaying late. Opened my box late :$

    Lovely thoughts penned down by you.

    Happy Friendship’s Day πŸ™‚


  17. hey Bhasky,

    What a pretty poem……I am sure you meant every word of that poem buddy.
    I am blessed to have friends like you
    May God be with us uniting all of us with this friendship spirit….

    take care


  18. Hi bhaskar
    Sorry late. like usual right.
    Happy friendship day month year and years to you
    I am soo sooooo glad to have you as a friend besides me


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