Battered-n-Bruised by Vegetables!!!!

If there’s something I can’t stand then its being served vegetables. Hahaha!!!! Yes friends, unless I am pushed to the wall, I try my level best to see I can avoid eating them. And this goes from my childhood. My mother was too sweet and made sure not to serve me, but I used to be forced to eat them courtesy my father. Morning was sitting idle and these thoughts about vegetables came to my mind and thought of penning down here.vegetables-main_Full

Clouted by sprouts,
And harassed by carrots!
Poked by the beans,
And screamed at by salads!

Poisoned by cabbage,
And pinched by the peas!
Tripped by the spinach,
And peppered with seeds!

Hair pulled by parsnip,
And bruised by tomato!
Glared at by swede,
And thumped by potato!

Battered by beetroot,
That pinch, punch and poke!
Slapped by the onions,
And Arti, who chokes!

I am now battered and bruised,
Again been served the same so guessing.
When I can have better things to eat,
Are they really worth consuming!





8 thoughts on “Battered-n-Bruised by Vegetables!!!!

  1. My my this is simply a cracking one. Lemme go and throw my spinach soup out then be back here.


  2. Bt u r mad u know……a big time crazy fellow but we love this craziness of yours.
    these all posts cheers us a lot.
    U made my weekend, realy.
    its a cute one i must say.


  3. Vah kya baat hain….kudos…you have captured the pathos of all tormented by hit the nail!!!! Jai ho! Jai ho !!!!!

    Vegetables are jaani dushmans… and they make life miserable… As per my docs advise vegis should become my lifelong companion… and truly like a wife the vegi has managed to make my life miserable……if I eat them I am miserable… and if I dont eat then my system is miserable… !!!! ab koi kare to kya kare !!!!!

    Someone should simply ban them from the face of mother earth and along with it ban the doctors too…..hahahahaha


  4. now what am i supposed to say who is total vegetarian eh

    veggies r good so u cant stay away from them right


  5. Oh lord! So amazingly hilarious. BT bhaiya, I suppose no one will like veggies now on. Just do me a favor and make this post adult LOL! All the kids out there “Do not listen to Bhaskar bhaiya”.


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