Those good old days!!!!

How to define the boundaries of new generation. Tough task actually. In Indian context I usually take all born after 1990 as the current generation. They are quite unaware of the charms of Doordarshan, they talk of Zen and Nano but have no idea how owning even Maruti 800 was considered to be rich man. They probably have never heard about Cibaca Geet Mala or Sur Taaj Bigul. They missed out witnessing the emergence of Sachin Tendulkar and by the time they were say around 5yrs old, the globalisation had started taking over the country.

We all brother’s used to have lot of fun at Shimla during those days. We would have “Yuddha” with bows and arrows after getting inspired by Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. Now looking back I realise how I used to play just to win the “Yuddha” while others just for fun. And being the youngest they used to entertain me by getting the “Veer Gati”. However I remember one particular incident when on a particular day one of my cousin Digvijay was extra ferocious and caught me by surprise with his “Brahmashtra Baan”. I had to die as the baan had touched me, and he walked down to the spot where all others were standing with flowers in their hands on the terrace. They threw the flowers on him (though we found it was more of leaves than flower) and started chanting “Dhanya ho Diggy, Diggy ki Jai”. Watch this video, the last part to get the perspective.

Inspired by the Olympics of 1988, we all used to have a round of similar activities after school when all came back home. With so many cousins living together under the same roof, we hardly needed anyone else from outside. The tournaments used to be more of family affair. BUT games used to be just Karate, Boxing, Kushti and with strict rules like no pinching, “Izzat ke Saath Khelna” and no going to Mothers crying after getting beaten. Ok ok, the last rule used to be broken by me many times!!! And to shut me up Bhaisa (my own elder brother) would at times carry me up on his shoulder (in Bikram Betal Style. Click here to get the idea.) while I used his ears to navigate left and right turns, around the village.

Then there used to be pillow fights. This was more played between myself and two other cousins who were just a year older to me. We would pretend we are labours carrying heavy sacks (pillows) on our back and looking up at the sky watching a ficticious aeroplane. Then we would collide and shout at each other “Dekh ke nahi chal sakta” and in rage start attacking each other with our so called sacks.

Given choice I have no objection to be born in this generation too but at times feel sad to see lot of borrowed wisdom due to easy accessibility of knowledge. Taking things cool just because it’s western is happening a lot these days. Yesterday I had some work with a BTech final year student and went to his hostel. There I found him shouting with Pink Floyd “We don’t need no education”. My simple reaction was “Din mein do ghanta soo kar tu ne IIT JEE ke liye tayiyari kiya, abhi Stanford mein apply kiya hai. Sunna hai to sun yeh gaana par feelings ke saath chillane ka nautanki mat kar”!!!!

Seriously, I really mean it!!!!





6 thoughts on “Those good old days!!!!

  1. Yes you are absolutely right.. Even today I watch Chitrahar and Rangoli on DD.. I feel so connected to the show because they were the ones which entertained us in the childhood.. The anchors may have changed, but still the show continues to be sober and not like the shows on music channels.. That reminds me of so many good memories of my childhood days 🙂


  2. You were badmash and seems took proper advantage of being the chhota of the house hahahaha. Even I miss those shows of DD. Remember the show on Guinness world record? That was my favorite show.


  3. lol u were naughty and still r.
    yeah those were the days..BUT i’ll prefer this new Ramayan of Ramanand Sagar.
    Purani Ramayan mai Ramji /Lakshman ka teer rakshas ke paas jaane mai pura episode laga deta tha..


  4. I still remember the show Surbhi… it used to be hosted by Sidharth Kak and Renuka Sahane.Every Sunday whole family we used to watch it.
    Really good old days of DD had a charm of its own.
    Hey any of you remember that show Pronoy used to host on sunday night.
    Forgot the name.


  5. You were naughty no doubt.But can also see you took full advantage of being the chota.Thik kaha na BT.
    These all are too nostalgic.Take you back to those olden days.Prateek is right they had a charm of their own too.


  6. hahahahaha…… those were the days… !!! and now we sound like the okder generation !!!!

    WOnder what make believe games the kids of today play….


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