The drive back to Kharagpur

Dear  To-Be-Friend-who-was-driving-in-front-of-me-on-the-highway,


First of all a heartfelt thanks for the photogenic Colgate Smile you gave me yesterday while overtaking my car on the highway. Did it make my day?? Almost!!!! ALMOST!!!!

You surely have magical powers. To ALMOST make someone’s day, that too of a stranger, takes a lot of supernatural-power and you have it within you.

But now I have few questions for you. We are now friends, right!!! Let us both start this new soon-to-be-amazing-relationship on this blog at the right note.

Just three simple questions for you Mr. Oversmart-Showoff-Friend-O-Mine.

  1. Just how foolish are you??
  2. Who eats a double chicken-egg roll while driving that too with the head out?
  3. No seriously, how FOOLISH are you????

Okay friends (Now my real ones) here’s what happened. I was on way back to Kharagpur from Kolkata with a Prof in his car. Half way I decided to take over the driving. Just when we crossed a place called Panskura, this “Accomplished” driver overtook me and came right in front of me. Next saw his window was open and he was eating this double egg-chicken roll putting his “Super Intelligent Head” out while loads of chicken, sauce and stuff flew on our car windshield.

Okay if he was someone who had reason to dislike me, I can take it. But a total stranger!!!! That was mean!!! Distinctly 100% MEAN!!!!

Karma will come around (thats what its supposed to do if I am not mistaken) and conquer him just as Babur conquered India. (A random comparison and I know I am right because I have been handed a history book by a kid so that I can make a list of important dates for his Unit test preparations). I hope you are listening to me Karma. Hope you still remember we both are at war and this is one more chance for you to mend your terms with me. (Those who are not aware of this particular war can check here to get the details)

Going back to the main issue, well it was a thoughtful gesture but sorry to say I was NOT hungry and neither the car!!!!

With Love and Admiration for your fine gesture,


P:S: Bumper stickers are not funny anymore these days. Especially ones saying “Buri Nazar Waale Tera Muh Kaala”.






8 thoughts on “The drive back to Kharagpur

  1. Hahahahaha. Man you are too good. Best was the conclusion bumper-sticker part. Must have been like salt on cut.Hahahaha.


  2. “super intelligent head” made me laugh..but seriously what he did was not funny.and more than being mean he was an closed..


  3. Yaar….. tumhare upar mujhe ek book likhna hain… it will be a sure shot bestseller !!!! yaar,karma ne to tumhara mail link cut kar diya tha…. yeh drive karne ka permission kaha se mila tumhe? hahahaha and that professor, unko apne jaan ki parvah nahi tha kya??? hahahaha…kidding….

    That fellow is an idiot!!!! real idiot !!!! first of all risking his neck, and endangering yours and wasting a roll like that !!!! how could he !!!! he gets away with that and I get a ticket of almost $300 for not stopping fully at a STOP sign !!! just not done !!!How cruel can life be !!!


  4. oh my god that was hilarious again

    bhaskar how can u keep a straight face while writing this

    too good

    ya some ppl r like that


  5. Hey u even noticed chicken….teekhi nazar..but very bad Mr B =))))) =)))))
    when was the last time u had a double chicken-egg roll
    where Mr foolish fault in this ? =)))))


  6. OMG Bhaskar!! I am in splits!! I would never even DREAM of putting this into words…..hahahahaha!!

    You need to write a book.


  7. O God Bhaskar!! I am in splits. I too feel you should collect all incidents of your life and turn t into a humor book now. Its going to be a best seller make my word. I simply cant stop laughing.


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