To dream of some fair life’s charms!!

Branches move and sadly sway
Their farewell to this long day
Shadows over woodlands, creep
As this village drifts to sleep.

The sad song of a twilight loon
Greets the rising crescent moon
As sunset’s crimson fades to black
For healing life, I feel a lack.

Far past the twilight’s interlude
I pay the price for solitude
The night has rendered my dreams dark
So down these empty streets I walk.

Now toward my room, I retreat
As day to night passes complete
In evening’s chill, its plainly shown
This wretched path, I walk alone.

This need for life, inside it drums
So cruel a sting when nighttime comes
As loneliness inwardly maims
Another night, my heart, it claims.

Soon in my room, I’ll recline
With this heavy heart of mine
And drift to sleep’s merciful arms
To dream of some fair life’s charms.





3 thoughts on “To dream of some fair life’s charms!!

  1. you need to see around BT. we all are there beside you.

    please put your cell on BT, need something to discuss with you.


  2. Oye yaar I wrote this aise hi. Don’t take it literally.

    My cell is on. But inside the room the signal is too low. Is it regarding that problem with the neural network project? Mail kar de tu mujhe with details.


  3. Fine Bhaskar if you say so, we won’t take you literally. But plzzzz stop writing melencholic stuff.

    I mailed you the program with details. Check it. We both were awake whole night working but could not find the bug. đŸ˜¦ I am going home. You and Arpan handle it.


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