I know!!!

I know a place where no body goes,
Peace and quiet beauty and repose.IMG_1801
Its hidden in a valley beside a mountain stream,
And lying there beside the stream, I find that I can dream.
Dream only of things beauty to the eye,
Snow peaked mountains towering to the sky.
One can imagine himself as in a dream,
Climbing up a mountain or down a small ravine.
The magic of this peace and quiet shall always stay,
To make this place a heaven each and every day.
I tell them about the stars of my eyes,
And create memories with friends of mine.
These moments will remain here for lifetime,
Now I know god has made this world for me too.


3 thoughts on “I know!!!

  1. good one ! this poem actually took me to a place that is my very own respite…where I run off to whenever I need to…

    this pic also is very lovely…


  2. if this is one such place where you go BT then I would say its worth visiting! Beautifully composed.


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