A Day with my Two Devils!!!

With a strawberry shake in my hand now, let me put down about that one day experience of mine with “Two Cute Little Devils”.

One fine morning I was informed that it was my cousin’s birthday but best being even Bhabhi’s birthday was on the same. I am yet to calculate what is the probability that a husband and wife share the same birthday. I don’t think that the numbers will be in millions. Anyways, as would have been, they decided to go out for the whole day, leaving me alone with the two kids and a lady who made it very clear that she’ll take care of everything, except the Kids.

So here now I was entrusted to watch both for full day SOLO before Bhabhi comes back to rescue me. First thing I did was to call up my collegues who have kids to seek some valuable advise on this matter. One most important advise was to see that I make sure to maintain a ten foot distance between them and also me. Rahul, the one minute older one assured me with a water gun in his hand, pointed at my laptop, that he will assist me in the mission!!!

I was warned about quiet moments in the house. Such moments are supposedly fraught with potential hazards. As luck would have been I ignored this advise and during one such a quiet moment Varun, the other one, practiced his newly acquired hair cutting skills on a consenting Rahul.

The lady who was staying at home suddenly decided to go to the farm and personally hand pick tomatoes. These two went along so even I had to go. She was picking tomatoes rapidly while giving lectures, with her “Fan Club” listening with great interest. When the job got over, I found all our shoes were full of very sticky mud.

Now this part, PLEASE do keep it away from Bhabhi.

When we got home, the lady started cooking lunch and I started thinking about the mud in our shoes. I, with my two assistants, first dried them in the sun. I then used my fine screwdriver to dig out the mud from all the three shoes. When the mud was removed, the shoes still looked quite black (They were the white cloth ones). At that point my brain started running at full speed. I decided to put the shoes in the washing machine and give them a good scrub. That turned out to be fine. Then I decided to put them in the dryer. They started banging violently. Now my die-hard-two-fans were watching my actions with full attention. I tried to quiet the machine by pressing all the buttons. I used permutation and combination to try all options. While doing this suddenly with a huge flash power went off. I raced to set the power back and fortunately did it successfully.

However, the poor dryer was dead as a rat. I kicked it mildly, but that did not change anything. I quietly kept the shoes for drying in the sun and wrote down the model number of the dryer. Told both my “Fans” to keep quiet or with me even they will fall into trouble. They consented to be my partner in crime.

I now called up IFB and found that they do not carry that model any longer. Only solution was to get their mechanic come by and fix the dryer. IFB repair person came, repaired the dryer thankfully before Bhaiya-Bhabhi reached home. Then while leaving he passed a comment – He told me that his brother staying in Delhi is also senile but he loves his Brother still!!!!!

Let me end the story here. One secret a day is more than enough I feel.

Oh by the way!!!! Did I mention you all about my new discovery today. I found out that da Vinci could have used Strawberries and other fruits in a blender without a lid to paint the ceiling!!!





12 thoughts on “A Day with my Two Devils!!!

  1. First tell me why u started withStrawberry milshake…it could be fav of someone 😛 yummmmmmmmmy.!!Now the probablity of sharing the bday i guess very few one in a trillion and not million hehe! Happy baby sitting..btw my 2 year nephew given me many such days..so you could have asked me as well for advice hehe…


  2. oh man bhaskar this is another of those hilarious posts and i just can imagine u putting it up with a big serious expression on ur face

    and i cant keep straight face now after reading this and am at work laughing out like crazy while ppl around think i must be one of the crazy owners of the shop here hhehhahahah

    good job happy baby sitting now heheee

    didnt u put any emoticons here bhaskar


  3. Bhaskar you again sent me in laughter fit and like others I am in office.
    I am unable to stop laughing. lemme tell Arpan and Prateek. OMG! This is hilarious.


  4. Awesome Man!! Hahahahaha!! Was busy today with office work so had missed out checking. Thanks Apra for informing us. Two penny question… How did you clean the ceiling after the shake went up. Hahaha!!


  5. Next time don’t complaint about your devils as you are also one!!! The naughtiness is in your blood, I must say =))

    BTW – Can someone get his bhabhi here please..


  6. Lets keep Bhabhi away from this place. =))) This is one place neither by family nor my profs know about and best kept that way. =))))


  7. hahahahahaha!!! More than those two cute little devils, it’s you who has to be watched all times!!!


  8. Hahahahahaha…… you and your escapades !!!! Tum baby sitter less ring leader zyada lagte ho !!!! chalo, atleast kuch seekha to… by the way, what is the moral of the story??? hehehehe…

    BTW,today I saw one of the most beautiful rainbows…!!!!


  9. I have always been follower of my brother and he used to be the leaders of all devils. =)))) So it’s natural I turned into a ring leader. This was nothing compared to what all we have done at KgP. =)))))


  10. Am I the only one who think that Rahul and Varun are not as badmaash as some kids can be. They seem to be following you like lambs !!!

    You need to baby-sit my son and his best friend once and you’ll know how worse it can get!!!

    Last question – did Rahul’s water gun miss its target ? ROTFLss


  11. LOL bhaskar, very hilarious. Very correctly said Minnie, more than the 2 kids, they need to watch you!


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