Karma, Enough is Enough!!!

I am Speechless right now!!!

Speechless and SHOCKED!!! How could the Universe do this to me!!!

I know, this is Karma acting up, acting over smart to be specific. But come now. What have I done to deserve this??? I am an honest soul (don’t recall stealing anything yet), I volunteer (when I have to, mind you), I am respectful to my elders and also others, I don’t smoke, I don’t even touch alcohol, only addiction I have is net surfing and doing my – WORK!!!

Then how could you Karma??? Just how could you be so tyranical!!!!

You have gone too far this time. This is just too much. Its now – WAR!!! Enough!!

Okay friends let me explain. I know you all must be surprised to see me back so early. Well I had to, then I have this war to carry on.

I took leave from blogging but thought of not informing the reason immediately till the mission got over. Well friends, I had to go for a minor surgery. And I am back home too today. The surgery was 100% successful. But what do I find coming back!!!

During release I was given lot of do’s and don’ts by the Surgeon (read Kasai). I just asked him one question. “Am I allowed to use laptop sitting comfortably on bed?” And he consented fully with the promise that I stay on bed and don’t start vibrating around the room. (this surely happened due to some super cool good karma of mine)

Then why can’t I do office work??? Logically it means I can. But my office people, they have blocked my official mail ID so that I am unable to work.

Karma surely has lot to answer now. And these days that I won’t work so what does he have to say?? Will he add grace marks to my Karma Result sheet?? No he won’t I know. It’s Kalyug then and he’s going to take full advantage of that.

I don’t know anything!!! Let me go to sleep (if I get some). I don’t know why its effecting me so much. I feel like just now someone has cut off my ……. (fill it yourself as per your wish)!!!

Signing off with uncontrolable Sobs!!!





7 thoughts on “Karma, Enough is Enough!!!

  1. ROFL ROFL ROFL… How do you even come up with such brilliant ideas.. And me laughing at your uncontrollable sob =)))

    See, God wants you to take rest and there has to be some means by which you take rest.. God too knows you too well that unless there is some forced rest, you will always remain a workaholic!!! Jo bhi hota hain acche ke liye hi hota hain!!! Now it would be better for you if you take rest and come back tomorrow to have some fun..


  2. oh man bhaskar
    u r really funny

    what surgery u had and why r u up

    if u hv surgery u shud be resting

    ya instant karma gods way of telling workaholics to go and rest


  3. I am laughing and unable to stop too. You are simply a brilliant writer. Its too funny.


  4. hahahahaha….O Boy, seems like the Retro Chicken is back !!!!! and that too in full form… seems like the kasai’s were lenient this time…but who can trust those creatures… docs, i tell you… hahaha…

    Oye, are you trying to take over the drama king title…???? REST mila to itna “UNREST”???hehehehe…. do you have any other hitler at home besides the “office blocked” connections???
    Take it easy and live it on..

    So glad to see you here….*Big grin on face* …..Welcome back !!!!


  5. hello BB,
    please take rest and hope you feel better soon and get to do what you love most-work.till them take care and all the best..



  6. Very good *claps*
    U need a danda otherwise its impossible for u to refrain yourself from work.
    u need kasai and dandewale in your life ( im very happy) :)))


  7. Hey BB.

    Keep away from work. Take rest and will pray for ur speedy recovery from surgery.


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