Thanks a ton Minniedi…

I had no intentions of posting anything here till the weekend. I’ll be away on a personal work till then but few of my blogger friends thought otherwise. They took a promise from me that before I go on this short leave, I make one. Sorry friends, that awaited story of “Handling Devils SOLO” will come only after I come back.

But today I would like to thank someone. Someone who stood by me always, put her implicit trust on me, was there always to pick me up!!! And last few days she helped me in taking decisions which an idiot like me would not even get ideas about. Those timely advises today has helped me and my life, else things could have taken a bad turn.

Thanks a lot Didi. Thanks for everything you do and have always done. Every single word showing my gratitude to you would be too too less here Didi.

Dear Didi,
As I stand here today
God as my witness
my friends to convey.

I want you to know how much you mean to me
how much your love has shown me.
I want them all to know
what you have done for me.

When I need you the most
you’re there without a doubt.
With a smile
and a slow gesture
Your hand on my head.

When I am down you show me no mercy
to lift me back up to my feet.
You show me how much you truely care
With all that you do and your gesture.

I want to thank you
Dear Didi, for loving me and all you give.
You were there to show me
what I have to offer this world.

You are there beside me without hesitation
There’s no shadow of a doubt
I can count on you to be there for me
whenever I know I am in doubt

Please Didi
always keep your spirit
It is you that always gives me reason
To move ahead in all seasons

I will always remember
how much you gave me
Asking for nothing but love in return
I’ll always be there, you just need to turn.

I have many Bengali friends after spending so many years in that state. They make me hear to many Bengali songs. At times I ask them the meaning and they pass me the lyrics and then explain the lines. One such song, I heard few months back, had touched me a lot. Somewhere somehow I felt connected myelf to the lyrics of the song with Minniedi. I don’t even remember the Bengali lyrics, maybe if any of my Bengali friends can help here. I have tried my best to recall the lines from that song as explained to me by Anshuman, and then translate it to English.

This star of mine from other land
Alone bright on the sky
Just when the dusk is crawling in
Someone calls you by name.

This bright Star of mine,
Lives miles away but keep eye,
On this frightened face of mine
Knowing how hopeless I am.

I fly like a kite on sky,
Also show some false bravery,
Please put your hands on my eyes now
To stop this light and feel calm.

You are nice just like a Mother
I walk through the lonely path,
My not so good star
Why can’t you hear what I say?
What is the hurry for you,
That you can’t cross the road with me?

With water in your hands
Keep them upon me always
Please be the sleep of my eyes
On days when I am blue.

My bright Star from other land
You dwell too far off
I am unable to be with you
I feel very lonely then.





13 thoughts on “Thanks a ton Minniedi…

  1. Thanks to Minnie from us too.. yes bhaskar you are an idiot no doubt there.Thank god someone was there to put some sense in to that thick head skull of yours.

    Get back soon.We’ll miss you.


  2. Hey Blog-Buddy O Mine.
    Posting here for the first time.
    What you wrote shows your love for her
    May you both always get lot of time to share.
    May time make the bond more strong
    How so far she may be, no journey is too long.

    Hope to see you back here soon.


  3. bahut khub BT. intazar rahega apka hamare blog-ghar mey. Get well soon and come back.


  4. BTW, which bengali song is that…???? can someone who knows pls tell?
    Will wait for your return and rocking posts …..
    Stay safe…. and Best of luck !!!!
    See you soon.


  5. Get back soon or we’ll start spaming ur inbox.
    I respect you a lot for this side of your nature, to give respect to relations.
    Lucky to have you besides me.


  6. Thanks to her from all of us.Finally boss confess he is an idiot.

    Bhaskar we are already missing you.Get back to office soon yaar.


  7. My sentiments exactly Arijit ji.. That is one quality of his which gets us connected to him with ease.. I always feel so lucky to have him as a brother beside me..

    The post is really sweet and touching Bhaiya.. You are a brilliant writer!!


  8. I too concur with few here…..he respects relations and give them the due it needs. He knows how to nourish them.
    Its a loss to loose his friendship.
    Thakur get back in full force soon. You’ll find us waiting for you anxiously.


  9. Dude get back soon before we start missing U like hell.

    Beautifully composed. U have a way with words. May U both be happy always.


  10. ah missed it for some reason

    bhaskar u really have way with words its so beautiful but i hv yet to know u so well

    and minnie ke kya kahne she is awesome from whatever i had interacted with her elsewhere

    come back soon


  11. I don’t really have words. As usual, you simply stole my breath and my jaw is hanging quite wide open…..

    OK, now I’ve closed it and my mind is still trying to work overtime in order to form some word, any word, to describe how I’m feeling after reading this…..ok, no progress so far….

    OK, the brain is sending an impulse….how does the word ‘overwhelm’ sound….

    well, it has to do for now, because I seriously do not have words.

    Oh, and I did not do anything that I would not do for my family, and you are family.


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