Dear Mother, Maasa that I call You.

My heart still sings at your sight,
The notes shimmer for you are still bright.
Wonderful waves browse my mind,
Whenever I fall a prey to your sight;
Mother its just you
Who take my heart along with you.
Sweet is thy memory,
Mother dear, hid in greenery.
Thy sweet face, my emblem of hope,
Thy radiance, my light of life.

Lost in the rough sea was my life,
Like an oar less boat I swayed in the wind.
In used to come my mother with outstretched hands,
In her bosom I used to be safe.
My poor heart so sere and frail
Was the sport of every wanton gale,
But my mother my eternal love
Used to send me smiles even when I was away by miles!

What hands could have made you mother?
Plunged you in the pool of Love.
Branded you, the queen of Love.
You sacrificed your all for my sake
And now I worry what tune plays my fate!

Come what may,
I ran into my mother’s bosom,
Her hands always held me tight.
Secure and safe, my heart became light,
No more did I get a fright.
My Protective Shield was my mother dear.

Through the river of eternity,
Gushed her love,
It never stopped; It never rested.
It refilled my cup of life.
If I have her in my life again,
I’ll have nothing to fear again.
I surrender myself at the altar of her Love.

I believe,
If Love can be personified,
Then, It’s You,
My dear Mother, Maasa that I call YOU!!





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