One year of my Blogging-In Cricket style!

Today 20th June 2009 I suddenly realised, that I had registered this blog last year on this very day. I had one earlier long time back on another site but zero activity caused it to get closed. I had started that blog with much optimism and cherished opening it. But when this one got started, I was without much emotions and actual posting I started after two months. In general we characterize situations in personal life to be significant when they happen for the first time or have an high intensity of experience. Life is such that the probability of anything happening for the first time reduces with age except for the grey hair part.

I go back today and try thinking of this one full year. I look for answers. Let me explain with the help of cricket.

I wasn’t lazy the entire year and did lead an average cheerful and optimistic life. Talking cricket here, I must say that the batsman didn’t score a single duck nor too many centuries, but did manage a whole lot of runs and improved his technique. Lets take some of my batsmen one by one and see how they performed this whole year.

First being Mr Health. He was one player who was too inconsistent. I would not say his batting was out of form, but where at times he was scoring 88, at other times he would get a mere 20 maybe. Reminding me of Viru!! Regular practice and discipline is what is needed for him.

The promising debutant Mr Blog did the best. He seems to be a very promising player for the team. His average score the whole year has been 82. Some of his shots showed solid technique and promise of a stable future. But we’ll have to wait and watch how far he goes.

Scoring back to back two centuries and few more too, Mr Finance was suddenly bit out of form in the later stages of the year 2008. The body-line bouncers from Lehman Brothers caused bit injury. But with proper rest and some hard work, he is back to scoring again though yet to get back to his century days.

One player who worked really hard whole the year round was Mr Relationships. He made sure to maintain a decent average score of 76. There were some very poor shot selections but on the whole his batting was admirable. Few innings that he played on this bouncy track was worth watching and will always remain memorable as they needed lot of skill and patience that too on such a bouncy track of which he is not accustomed to bat on. Unfortunately he feels that he was a victim of bad run-out decisions by the umpire. Usually, the batsman gets the benefit of doubt, but such has seldom been the case with Mr. Relationships.

The worse player this year has been Mr TripToSpiti. He was always the best shot player and made to play at the top order. But with the loss of form and technique, his errors got other players out during play. In the next team selection doubt if he’ll be getting a place. Mr Job did well with handy 90’s all through-out the different innings with few centuries too. He makes batting look so easy and comfortable. Not the one to shy away from playing the risky reverse sweeps, he has been a soothing delight to watch. Mr. Rubbishknowledge made sure to sit on the bench this year.

Similar contributions have ensured that the innings total is around average 524 which is not bad by any standard when you look at the pitch. The batsmen have learnt their lessons and are improving further. I take solace in the fact that the team never looked getting out below 250 and steady progress was the theme of the day. Gaining the advantage of this innings, they can play an attacking game further and I anticipate firecrackers in 2009-10.

Someone told me long ago, there’s calm before the storm.





9 thoughts on “One year of my Blogging-In Cricket style!

  1. Congo! Posting after many weeks.


    Your blog is a treat to read and I make sure to check daily.
    Don’t let this batsman retire.
    Hope to see more stuff.



  2. Janam din da ik post laya si mannu itte… I stayed bck after tht
    bahut mubarak ho twanu


  3. Very very very good team i must say * claps*.

    have u ever heard of calm after the storm !!!!!


  4. Nice year Bhaskar. With lil bit player rests/changes your team can be world class winner team.

    Enjoyed reading it.I pray this blog grows big.


  5. another brilliant post. where do you get these ideas yaar. Give Mr Health bit break and he’ll be back in form. hahaha


  6. Wow… Wonderful post and first of all Congratulations on one year of blogging.. Have thoroughly enjoyed every post of yours and hope to read more and more interesting ones in the coming years..

    May this batsman hit more and more centuries to come.. All the best for upcoming year!!


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