My Sweet and Cute Family

RefrigeratorHi, my name is Kelvin. This fellow bought me one year ago. I have seen few things in life: Apples, milk, coke, juice and eggs. My freezer has never been used. This guy doesn’t know whether and how to defrost me. Though my top is over utilized. He keeps nail-cutter, car-keys, expired pizza-hut coupons, coins and a lot of trash there. Spiders love my back side.

Washing MachineHi, I am Whirly. I am in semi-comma since last six months. The lazy fellow doesn’t use me much anymore. My work has been outsourced to a maid; reason sighted was management overhead. He further harasses me by daily putting the clothes to be washed on me. Occasionally though when the maid is on long leave he uses me. But that is more of a pain. With the clothes I am made to wash cell phone, coins, pen-drives, keys, everything. I get battered and bruised why can’t the fellow understand!!!

Television – Hi, I am Sonya. I feel so lonely here. I am put on everyday in the evening and made to chatter non-stop. But there’s none to hear me out. The fellow is hardly aware of my presence or even listen to me. While I am talking he is busy chatting to glory with others on his lappy. Only time he still gives me some attention is when he is eating.

Laptop – Me Mr Viao. My memory has been corupted with all compiler codes. I seldom get to taste light stuff. All the time this fellow is running high-end algorithms on me and me churning out zillions of bits. Why does he have to watch youtube video’s and mp3’s only on his desktop? I’ve never ever been entertained with a 3-D game!!!

BedHe hasn’t given me any name but I fancy myself being called Trash-bag. Anything in his house that is not at its allotted place is on me. On some days, 90% of his stuff fall into this category; they are all in search of the promised land. Of course, the mattress is not on me. Poor her, she lies on the floor.

ChairNo name for me too. I service his feet more. I’ve been used to change tube-light and shove things in a rack above where no one sees them. Mostly I am used to block the door from shutting when he needs breeze to flow through the flat.

CarMy name is Munni, given to me by his friend. I’m lucky not to get injured much in my lifetime like his bike, which finally is out of our family. But I am seldom provided any medical care. He doesn’t care whether I am serviced, whether the air pressure is enough, blah blah blah. All he does on time is insuring me; I believe he is waiting for me to die and claim the money. I haven’t seen any place outside the city he stays in. Hoping now that the bike is gone I’ll get the chance finally.





9 thoughts on “My Sweet and Cute Family

  1. Awesome Man! I am laughing like anything. Munni do not worry girl, you’ll go on lot of trips now that the bike is dead.


  2. hahahahahaha!! This is crazy Bhaskar!! I am laughing so hard it’s painful. Where do u even et these ideas!!!


  3. Oh Noooo how could he treat his family like this *angry*
    whirmy , fridge, sanyo aww poor little things *hugs*.
    @ Trash and mattress ..tch tch tch..why he put mattress on floor?? where does he sleep? no He doesn’t sleep.
    Munni u r VERY VERY lucky *happy for u*.
    U r crazy B…khadoos pane ki hadd hoti hai *angry*.


  4. If things could speak , they would have said exactly this!!!
    I pity poor little things in your house BT


  5. Hahahahahahaha…. good one !!! Yaar imagine if you had to ask the chicken n your refrigerator…what the reply would have been !!! even the poor murgi would have had a sad tale to tell……hahahahaha


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